Counter and reject leaders who seek to exploit differences between us urges

Reflecting on what he called “ever-rising anti-Muslim hatred, anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia”, the Secretary-General said it was vital now to “counter and reject religious and political figures who exploit differences” for their own gain. He said we must also ask “why so many people feel excluded, and why they are tempted by extreme messages of intolerance against each other.”Mr. Guterres arrived at the more than 1,000-year-old mosque and centre of Islamic scholarship in the Egyptian capital, as “a man of faith”, he said, to show his solidarity with the faithful, in the wake of last month’s massacre at two mosques in New Zealand by a self-avowed white supremacist.What an impressive reminder of how the Arab world opened the door to epic discoveries and possibilities. Seeing the cultural heritage at the conservation center of the Grand Egyptian Museum was marvelous.— António Guterres (@antonioguterres) April 2, 2019 “As the holy Quran says in Surah Fussilat, verse 34, ‘Good and evil deeds are not equal. Repel evil with what is better, and then you will see that one who was once your enemy, has become your dearest friend.’” said the UN chief.He noted the similar attack by a lone gunman on Jewish worshippers at a Synagogue in the Pennsylvanian city of Pittsburgh last October, where as in the Christchurch aftermath, concerned citizens of other faiths, rallied to support and protect survivors.“This is the spirit that I know is deeply embedded in Islam – a faith of love, compassion, forgiveness, mercy and grace”, said the UN chief.With hate speech “entering the mainstream” and “spreading like wildfire” through social and traditional media, he noted that it was infecting both liberal democracies and authoritarian States. “These dark forces menace democratic values, social stability and peace. They stigmatize women, minorities migrants and refugees,” he said.Faith leaders “have a very important role” Mr. Guterres said, noting that his host, the Grand Imam of al-Azhar, Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, had joined hands with Pope Francis in Abu Dhabi in February.“I have here, given by the Grand Imam, the text, the common text, approved by him and the Pope”, said the Secretary General, “which is a fantastic testimony of mutual respect, tolerance, compassion and peace, given by the two great religious leaders to the world.” Muslims have paid ‘heavy price’ for terrorist acts of ‘a handful of criminals’“As the Grand Imam stated, Muslims have paid a heavy price due to the actions of ‘a handful of criminals.’ He also stressed that ‘all religions agree that God forbids killing,’” added Mr. Guterres. He noted that the Grand Imam had also called for Muslims in the Middle East to protect Christian communities, who have been subjected to terror at the hands of fundamentalist groups such as ISIL, or Da’esh. “I also commend the initiatives taken by al-Azhar to promote the true face of Islam and counter violent extremist philosophies and terrorist propaganda,” said the UN chief: “Nothing justifies terrorism and it becomes particularly hideous when religion in involved.”Later in the day in Cairo as part of his extended visit to the Middle East region this week, Mr. Guterres toured the Grand Egyptian Museum describing it on Twitter as “an impressive reminder of how the Arab world opened the door to epic discoveries and possibilities”. read more

Viborg HK still looking for rightback – Stevin didnt pass the trial

Dijana StevinSusanne Munk WilbekViborg HK ← Previous Story Velimir Marjanovic four more years President of Serbian Handball Federation (RSS) Next Story → Damir Doborac left HCM Constanta After seeing the Serbian right-back Dijana Stevin way in two days, Viborg HK has decided to go ahead with other options.“Dijana Stevin has shown us many fine things. She works hard, has a good game understanding and is competent in defense. But we seem to turn not, she showed us that she clean shot point possesses greater quality than we have already. Therefore we have decided to let her go back home, and so we look forward to the other options we have lying, “says sports director Susanne Munk Wilbek, which emphasizes that the club will not get a player at any cost.“We get not a player to sit on the bench. It is not our purpose. We have a great desire to associate a right-back, but she should also be able to strengthen the team. Otherwise we would rather invest in our young players. We several hundred people have turned to us to help fund a new player. we are very humble about, and we owe them to do the job properly. they and we must have ‘value for money’, so we will continue to have ice stomach, “says Susanne Munk Wilbek, but is still optimistic about landing a deal with a new right-back.“We have several new projects at the moment and then we will see if we can get pulled one of them in the country in the near future,” she says.source: read more