Marrakech to Host 2nd Media Art Morocco Event

Rabat – The Arab Media Lab and Digital Marrakech 6 are hosting the second  Media Art Morocco (MAM) event from October to December.Media Art Morocco is a three-month-long symposium centered on media arts. Media Art Morocco (MAM) aims to promote creativity and self-expression among aspiring young media artists in Morocco and the Arab World. It also works to inform the young generation of developments in media arts. “By organizing MAM, we would like to contributing (sic) in strengthen the interest in media arts among new, emerging and established artists in Morocco and the Arab region,” wrote the organizers.MAM is a major platform that trains budding media artists and enlarge their perspective on the creative process.“We believe that art can be and is an inspiring force for change. It can articulate, respond to and / or challenge prevailing realities that hold communities and individuals back,” MAM’s website says.The organizers claim the project “transforms the youth from passive to proactive individuals who think critically and create profound artistic projects which delve deeper in their society and which hopefully leads to personal transformation and social change.” The festival offers attendees a series of master classes, media art workshops, video performances, film screenings, lectures, and exhibitions. Young media artists can use the event to connect with professional media artists and filmmakers from all over the world. read more