Moroccan Underage Girl Explains How Her Saudi Husband Repeatedly Mistreats Her

Rabat – A video depicting domestic violence has made the rounds on social media. The two-minutes-long clip showing what is believed to be a husband abusing his Moroccan wife, Safaa, who is 17 years old.In the video, which the alleged wife secretly filmed, the husband is seen carrying a belt while brutalizing his underage wife  and strangling her against the floor. In the second part of the video, having beaten his wife, the husband appears to act as if he had only been reciting the Qur’an to exorcise his seemingly possessed wife. The two parts of the videos posted on social media triggered public outrage and indignation.Originally from Temara, South of Rabat, Safaa, who said she comes from the countryside, filmed a separate video in which she recounts her situation, including her identity and how she got where she is now. She said she married her Saudi husband and relocated to Saudi Arabia, where she got beaten on the first day she arrived. She also recounts how her husband repeatedly brutalized her since relocating to Saudi Arabia. She said her abusive sometimes locks her up to prevent her from leaving.Safaa said she had a miscarriage as a result of violent beatings. Safaa, who explained that she has suffered greatly, said, “I slept alone on cardboards because I couldn’t stand him being around.” read more