Where have the trees gone

Four trees have been removed from Jubilee Court as part of the construction of the Niagara Health and Biosciences Research Complex (NHBRC). But they will be replaced with four new mature trees in the next few weeks.The mature maples were removed this week because they were damaged during the construction of a sanity sewer line, said David Main, senior project manager with MHPM Project Managers Inc. The sewer line work was necessary for construction of the new NHBRC. The work also corrects a problem with an existing sewer line.The initial goal was to save the trees. But an arborist reviewed the trees in Jubilee Court and determined that the survival rate of the four maples was low, Main said. Not only was soil compacted around the roots, but the trunks and numerous branches were also damaged.Due to physical limitations, the replacement trees will be smaller, Main said. But they will be mature, and the largest trees possible. Their trunks will be 10 to 13 centimetres (four to five inches) in diameter. They will be planted as soon as climate conditions allow, Main said. Cooler and wetter weather is needed to plant the trees.In addition to the new trees, a maintenance program will soon be underway for the remaining trees in Jubilee Court. read more