Weird Wide Web Face stealing mind reading and some papal photography

first_imgWELCOME TO THE WEIRD Wide Web – where we take a look at the week’s best offerings in tech and social media news.Scary face morphing app of the weekYahoo Japan has released Face Stealer, a slightly unsettling face swapping site that lets you transform your face into that of someone else, in realtime,  including Einstein and the Mona Lisa, Gizmodo reports. You can also create your own masks by taking pictures of your friends (or maybe your pets) and morphing their faces with yours.(Image: Face Stealer/iTunes)Pornographic infographic of the weekThe Porn MD has released this infographic showing global internet porn habits, with the top ten most commonly searched terms on porn sites over a six month period. The Porn MD hasn’t included the Republic of Ireland in the infographic – because nobody here watches porn – so the closest we can get is Britain whose top three search terms were ‘British’, ‘Indian’ and ‘MILF’.Musical Twitter announcement of the weekTwitter is set to release an app called ‘Twitter Music’ by the end of the month, CNET reported this week. The app will suggest artists and songs for users to listen to based on information, like the accounts  a person follows, with songs streamed to the app using SoundCloud.Mind reading gadget of the weekSpeaking of music, these slick looking headphones can read your brainwaves and then choose music to play based on what mood they think you’re in. The gadget plays the music through an iPhone app and changes the tunes as your mood changes. The product is just in the prototype phase at the moment, but this could be the future of music entertainment…(neurowear/YouTube)Oh how the times have changed picture of the week(Image: Today Show/Instagram)The Today Show uploaded this image to their Instagram account this week, showing a stark difference since 2005 in the number of people in the crowd at the Vatican with cameras to capture the Pope’s first address. We’re just dying to know what the next one will look like now.Read all previous Weird Wide Webs>last_img read more