a month agoNewcastle striker Andy Carroll set for Brighton chance

first_imgNewcastle striker Andy Carroll set for Brighton chanceby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveNewcastle United striker Andy Carroll is set to be named on the bench against Brighton this weekend.It will be Carroll’s second debut for Newcastle after joining as a free agent in the summer.Carroll visited a specialist in London last week and was given the okay to speed up his recovery, according to the Daily Mail.The former Liverpool man has trained well over the past two days, giving Steve Bruce enough confidence to include him in the match-day squad to face the Seagulls. About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img

Feds say no to US idea of separate bilateral deals

first_imgOTTAWA (NEWS 1130) – The Trudeau Government is scoffing at the idea of scrapping NAFTA negotiations in favour of separate bilateral trade deals.This comes after the White House again floated the possibility of separate talks with Canada and Mexico.Simply put, this option is not on the table for Canada. On his way into question period Andrew Leslie, the Parliamentary Secretary for Canada-U.S. Relations, was quick to dismiss the idea.“Canada has maintained right from the beginning we believe in a trilateral NAFTA. We believe that together it’s been a win-win-win for our three economies and all three nations prosper,” says Leslie.But the U.S. is getting more serious about the possibility. President Donald Trump revived the idea last week, and now his leading economic adviser Larry Kudlow told Fox he spoke with Trump about it. He then pushed the plan to a senior member of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office, although he didn’t name who it was.International Trade Minister Francois Philippes Champagne is dismissing the proposal being put forward by the Trump administration. He says our economies and industries are so tied together, it would be difficult to split the talks.“Over the last 24 years, we’ve built a very integrated supply chain, which has been good for economy, good for consumers, good for workers on all sides.”The issue will likely create more economic uncertainty, following the tariffs on steel and aluminum and just in time for the G7 summit in Quebec later this week where tariffs and trade are expected to cause tensions at the talks.last_img read more

Walking trail near Fort St John Hospital closed until further notice

first_imgHe added that at this point it’s not known when the trail will be reopening, but that the City will be notifying residents via its Facebook page. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – City officials say that one of the walking trails located near the Fort St. John Hospital will be closed until further notice.Communications Coordinator Ryan Harvey said that work crews were attempting to resolve drainage issues near the walking trail along the south side of the hospital property when some of the equipment caused damage to the trail itself.Harvey said that the City is currently working with engineers to try to get the drainage issues in the area resolved while also determining what repairs need to be performed on the trail itself.last_img

City Council approves grant application for Festival Plaza

first_imgThis new space in Centennial Park aligns with the City’s strategic plan to use downtown as a social, vibrant hub. The City would like to start project tendering in March 2019 and begin construction in April with completion in September 2019. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – At the recent Regular City Council Meeting, Council approved the application to the Northern Development Initiative Trust for a grant to put towards the Festival Plaza.The grant worth up to $50,000 from the Northeast Regional Development Account would help add value to the work that is done shares the City Manager.The Festival Plaza will be located on the northwest corner of Centennial Park on the grounds next to 100th street and 96 Avenue. The Plaza will act as a visual entrance to the City of Fort St. John when travelling in from the south.last_img read more

Sharad Pawar wont contest LS poll

first_imgPune: NCP chief Sharad Pawar Monday said he will not contest next month’s Lok Sabha election. The 78-year-old veteran politician said as two members of his family are going to contest the polls, “somebody had to step back.””Since I have already won elections 14 times, I decided not to contest the poll (this time),” the Rajya Sabha member told reporters after holding a meeting with party leaders. “Somebody from our family had to step back and I decided to give an opportunity to the young leadership. I thought this was the right time to take this decision,” he said. Pawar announced that his nephew and former deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar’s son Parth Pawar will be NCP’s candidate from Maval Lok Sabha constituency. “Jayant Patil (of Peasant and Workers Party of India), whose party has good presence in three of the six Assembly segments in Maval Lok Sabha constituency, urged me to give ticket to Parth as his party is ready to work for him. “We also have strong presence in the other three constituencies and we thought of giving an opportunity to the young leadership by giving ticket to Parth from Maval,” he said.last_img read more

KMC holds meeting to take stock of desiltation work

first_imgKolkata: Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) held a meeting with the state Irrigation & Waterways department on Monday, to take stock of desiltation work in the canals to ensure that water drains out through these canals properly during the monsoon and there is no accumulation of water. There are around 16 canals under the KMC area that come under the aegis of the state Irrigation department.”I had sought a report from the Irrigation department on March 13, on the progress in desiltation work of the clogged canals within a month. They have submitted a list of the canals and the projected time in which they will complete the work. They have also mentioned the time when they will take up such work again,” said Member, Mayor-in-Council (Drainage) Tarak Singh. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaSingh has directed his departmental DG Amit Roy to fix a date so that he can take stock of the desiltation work himself. “We have to ensure that during heavy rainfall, the water is able to pass through the gully pits into the underground drainage system, so that we can use our drainage pumping station to pump the water into the river through these canals,” said a senior official of the Drainage department who attended the meeting. The Kolkata Environment Improvement Investment Programme (KEIIP), with the help of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), has integrated a few pumping stations while several pipelines have been cleansed during the dry weather. Pump capacities have also been increased. The meeting in KMC headquarters on Monday was chaired by Singh. State Irrigation minister Saumen Kumar Mahapatra could not attend the meeting because of his preoccupation but senior officials of his department attended the meeting along with officials of KMC’s Drainage department.last_img read more

Elementary facts complex picture

first_imgI am not in the business of predicting who will win and who will lose before the elections are even held. The psephologists pore over detailed past data of wins and losses, constituency by constituency, then make sample surveys and probability calculations. Then, in the end, the actual results mysteriously beat all the predictions. How come? The answer comes from the myriad complexity of the Indian socio-economic scene. But let me tell you the story of meeting people in the course of their everyday life and what they are thinking about the elections in Uttar Pradesh in Bagpet-Muzaffarnagar belt. Also Read – A special kind of bondThe small sweetmeats shop alongside the dusty road to Bagpet town in western Uttar Pradesh was doing brisk business right in the morning. Inside, boxes of sweets were being dispatched, while teas and milk were being served to those who are dropping by. One of these was Dr. Sandeep, a young man who asked for his glass of milk and sweets before he goes to town for his dental clinic. Despite prodding, he refused to reveal his family name. He is a dentist and has his own chamber. Joining a conversation on the forthcoming elections, he was rather guarded how the “chamars” would vote. He insisted that they would go by their own conscience, while proclaiming that he was a “chamar” himself, to authenticate his views about his community’s voting. Also Read – Insider threat managementThe owner of the shop, at the other end, insisted that his “samaj” i.e., the Jats would all go for BJP. For him, BJP has become equated with “Modi” and Jats, despite having two rival candidates from their community, would still go for the latter. The Jat shipowner maintained that all the OBCs and other backward classes would also vote for “Modi”. Three shops away in the village iron smithy, where farm equipment to shovels and scythes were prominently displayed, a couple of people were whiling away their time, awaiting their morning business. They greeted us strangers with a blend of suspicion and curiosity, giving rather bland replies to our questions on possible voting patterns in the area. People would vote according to their own calculations about who would be winning, said Mohammad Ghafoor. The shop-owner was obviously a cautious man. But as a motley crowd gathered fast, some ventured out with their stronger views. What really is the state of the ordinary people, questioned Alam, a man with strong hands and contorted fingers from years of hard physical labour. There are hardly any good doctors, and if you go to Delhi they would ask for Aadhaar number and they shoo you out suggesting you go to district hospitals, said Mohammad Iqbal. Quota rice and wheat given out at a concessional price are hardly worth human consumption. The litany of woes was getting longer, by when others joined in including Sharmaji, who was a brahmin and another Singh, being a Jat, to voice their views on inadequacies. The conviviality of the village iron smithy was no distant thing. It was for us to feel sitting on the rough benches and “charpoys” laid out in front of the inadequate shop. Sharmaji or Sigh felt they would all go for their Jat candidate of the gathbandhan. There was a consensus that the Muslims would do the same and go for the rainbow coalition candidate. As we hit the road again, we were waylaid by a few strapping young men waving us to stop. Obviously, our — some outsiders – movements were closely monitored. They led us through an iron gate into a courtyard where a group of men were sitting around a hookah with a long upright stem and a longer smoking pipe, taking a drag in turn. There were sturdy young men as well as older senior members whose general behaviour and conversing stance was conveying a sense of overbearing confidence. They were the Jats. They welcomed us into their charmed circle and offered “cold machine water,” that is, from the water purifying units. Obviously not the down and out variety, the assembled Jats were occupying the top echelon of the local society and economy. For them, the turning point of politics was the Muzzafarnagar riots some five years back when the then Akhilesh Yadav rulers had arrested many prominent Jats and created other difficulties in their way. But then, there were other issues. They are now getting good prices for their cane harvests and the money is coming directly into their bank accounts. They are also getting electricity most of the time and farmers do not have to keep awake to turn on their pumps at 2 O’clock in the night when power would suddenly come for a little while. Now they are getting electricity most of the day and night. And then, law and order have improved. You do not have to worry about the safety of your family members when they go out. Women could also venture out and go round for their work. Some money had flown into their bank accounts from the government as well. Here was a complex scenario where castes and creed would influence their thinking on who to vote, superimposed on that the economic benefits that were coming and the expectations of what should come in the immediate future. Given the layers of segregation into their little social boxes, their variety of vested interests, the social and religious fault lines and within that caste-based sense of identity, one has to be really audacious to anticipate the results of the forthcoming elections. But yet in the dusty haze, it is possible to delineate some broad trends. This election is showing a split between those who are gaining from the rising prosperity in the countryside and those who are not. But at least in the eight constituencies of western UP, the number of those who are gaining from the system are not inconsequential. There is a huge block of people who are rising and have developed a stake in systemic stability. The omnipresent cane growers of the region are a case in point: the annual inflow from cane is not something to be scoffed at. In Bagpet alone, cane purchases run up to Rs 350 crore a year. In addition, there are other avenues for work. Secondly, Modi has emerged as a leader with his image head, neck and shoulder above the rest of the pack of political leaders. A sequence of this is the diminution of BJP as a political party. If the election is won it is the credit of Modi if it is lost it goes personally to his discredit. One is almost goaded to recall India’s past political history not many years back. Over forty years ago, a Congress president of the day, Deb Kanta Barooah, had coined a slogan “India is Indira” and “Indira is India”. Indira Gandhi did not have a particularly endearing political record after those heady days of fulsome flattery. No one has gone to that extent just now. However, Modi appears to be inching towards this larger-than-life image and not surprisingly evoking extreme feelings. There are those who are intensely antipathetic, just as those who are swearing by him. Thirdly, “economism” is a major underlying current in determining the results of this election. The cooking gas connections in the kitchens of those who could not have imagined of this facility or the toilets have done their bit of public relations, however much denigrated. In the end, the Indian elections have become a story of aspirations of the people and the aspirational demands are trickling down the social ladder. To the extent these are fulfilled, it will bring dividends. If these aspirations are unmet it will come back with a bang. If UP is a microcosm of northern India —rather north of the Vindhyas— then the short visit reveals the complex fabric of society which is exercising its franchise rights: Here you witness diversity, unity, antipathy and sectarian loyalty all of which are running parallel in the polity. The election results will be the sum total of these contradictory forces and that is our India. (The views expressed are strictly personal)last_img read more

Grounds crew game day Behindthescenes of game day with the Ohio State

River Wicker grooms the softball batting cages at Buckeye Field. Credit: Collin Ginnan | Lantern ReporterThe snow had just started to fall on the cold February morning when the carts began traveling across the athletic campus to lay down a layer of salt.Later that day, a women’s lacrosse match would be played at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center, and walking paths needed to be clear.The softball team might not have a home game, but the batting cages needed to be cared for. And something had to be done about the new cryotherapy chambers blocking the path of the lacrosse nets.It’s just another gameday at Ohio State University.Behind the sports people love is a different kind of team. The grounds crew at Ohio State works year-round to ensure that the university’s athletic facilities are in peak condition for competition. Monday’s team consisted of four student assistants: River Wicker, a recent graduate in sustainable plant systems; Nick Gauthier, a fourth-year in mechanical engineering; Nate Grady, a fourth-year in accounting; and Kacey Browning, a third-year in sustainable plant systems.The noon shift began with a trip to Buckeye Field, the home of Ohio State softball. First up was to tend to the indoor batting cages. Embedded in the turf are rubber pellets that fill the playing surface. With repeated wear and tear such as pivoting in the batter’s box, the pellets are displaced, and divots are created. Once per week, the crew has to fill these spots to create a level surface.“It just depends on softball and how much the [women] are out here,” Wicker said. “We do mounds every day though.”Next up was Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium. There, the team worked on cleaning up trash and dirt from the locker rooms to prepare for the impending women’s lacrosse season.On the way to the Woody Hayes Athletic Center, the crew took a pit stop at the fences surrounding the football practice fields. The tarps covering the fence had taken a beating in the recent winter storms, and the team had to repair them. It was a quick job, but was just another addition to an ever-changing to-do list.Once they reached the WHAC, it was finally time to prep the field for women’s lacrosse. For the indoor game, the traditional football field was painted with standard lacrosse lines two days prior. To set up for the match, the grounds crew worked in a rather choppy process — fast-paced and relentless at times, and slower with moments of anticipation while the crew waits for instructions. The main objectives were to set up practice goals, game nets and protective screens for the sandwiched crowd, while also checking goals for tears and grooming the turf.Of course, there are often hiccups along the way, such as unexplained wooden pallets, which held new cryotherapy chambers. Not exactly part of the typical description for a grounds crew, but these units were in the way of their setup process. So, the answer was naturally a forklift.Keep in mind, this was only February. With baseball and softball on the road, the brunt of spring sports has yet to hit.In February, the crew is caught between caring for winter facilities and preparing for the spring season.When spring sports are in full stride, the process is even more hectic. The day of the 2019 football spring game, the grounds crew is also responsible for baseball, softball and women’s lacrosse.“That day gets really interesting because of [the potential of] rain,” Brent Packer, Ohio State athletic grounds specialist, said. “We’re trying to keep softball dry. Meanwhile, we’re trying to get lacrosse set up and baseball — we’re communicating with coaches.”With spring sports, a challenge for the grounds crew is getting the grass ready shortly after winter. To do this, the fields are painted green.“The real reason we’re doing it is to make that surface darker, so it attracts more solar heat,” Brian Gimbel, superintendent of athletic grounds, said. “To heat the ground up underneath there and get the roots growing sooner than they would by nature.”Bending to the will of scheduling and mother nature, Ohio State’s grounds crew’s work looks different day to day. In April, the crew may be working the fields for four sports each day. In July, it could be maintaining Bill Davis Stadium for external tournaments. The job is always changing, and the crew is always on its toes. read more

Roma make enquiries about Suso Fernandez

first_imgAS Roma have reportedly made enquiries about AC Milan’s midfielder Suso Fernandez, as they see the Spanish player as a potential alternative to Malcom.The Giallorossi had agreed on a deal with Bordeaux to sign Malcom, but the Catalans made an 11th hour move to hijack the transfer.Sporting director Monchi is still looking for someone to play on the right flank, and calciomercato.com reports that he met Suso’s agent Alessandro Lucci today.Rick Karsdorp, Roma, Serie AKarsdorp reveals he had too much stress at Roma Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 The Dutch defender has been with the Gialorrossi since 2017, but he has not enjoyed his time in the Italian Lega Serie A.The former Liverpool player has a release clause of €38m, but it’s only valid for foreign clubs and expired on July 15.The Rossoneri are asking for around €40m, but at this stage, Roma are only making enquiries and aren’t ready to submit a bid.Alternatives include Leon Bailey of Bayer Leverkusen, Ajax’s David Neres, Mikel Oyarzabal of Real Sociedad, RB Leipzig’s Emil Forsberg and Domenico Berardi, the Sassuolo forward who worked with Eusebio Di Francesco at Mapei Stadium.last_img read more

Mourinho reveals how sacking rumors affected him

first_imgJose Mourinho revealed how difficult it was for him and the players when his sacking rumors went viral before playing vs Newcastle.With the match against Chelsea fast approaching, Jose Mourinho has been making the rounds with the media and spoke about the sacking rumors that became public right before Manchester United’s match vs Newcastle.The Red Devils had to win that match with all that pressure of possibly knowing that their manager would get the boot, even he seemed on edge after the match and came out to the press conference guns blazing and crying out ‘manhunt’.All of this was justified because of how bad the relationship between Jose and certain members of the press has turned, the Portuguese manager confessed that this episode really affected him and the players before that game.Now that a little time has passed, Mourinho is wary of what will happen next as his players are getting ready for an even more difficult match at Stamford Bridge against his former Chelsea squad.Jose tries to think about the consequences of this moment as little as possible, instead, he tries to take out the positive and look forward to the next target without forgetting this behavior from a certain part of the more sensationalist members of the press.We won’t name any publications because they know who they are, the ones who are still campaigning for Jose Mourinho to get sacked.”Yes it bothers me, because I am a man like you are.”Jose Mourinho opens up to the abuse he has received in an exclusive interview with Sky Sports.Read: https://t.co/YA9Xp50prk pic.twitter.com/534xcc0Mx3— Sky Sports Premier League (@SkySportsPL) October 19, 2018Looking at the whole scenario for this Saturday’s match, that part of the press is already patiently waiting for whatever happens after the match against Chelsea.Mourinho himself revealed that he won’t celebrate too hard if he defeats his former club, but getting to defeat Maurizio Sarri’s innovative style of football will prove to be the greatest challenge that Mourinho has faced thus far during the current Premier League season.The manager knows that the noise about his possible dismissal will never stop, but he feels more prepared for it now after the terrible experience from before and after the match against Newcastle.When asked about how the players live with that constant noise, Mourinho said: “I keep telling them that it is my problem to cope with it – because I am the man – and let them enjoy their football like they did against Newcastle in the second half,” said Mourinho to Sky Sports.“I am not happy, I am honestly not happy but if somebody has to be the man then I prefer it to be me.”Daniel Fark, Norwich City, Premier LeagueDaniel Farke, From mid-table in the Championship to the Premier League Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Norwich City manager, Daniel Farke, has taken his team from the middle of the table in the English Championship to play with the big boys in the Premier League.“Yes it bothers me. Because I am a man like you are. My players care.”“That weekend we did not stay at the hotel, everyone stayed at their own house and when the players woke up, from what they read on social media and on their phones, the pre-match was not easy for them.”🆕 MOURINHO EXCLUSIVE 🆕Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho says recent criticism of him and his players has hurt.Read our exclusive interview here: https://t.co/zceOTYY1ry pic.twitter.com/JcZw7RLNAx— Sky Sports Premier League (@SkySportsPL) October 19, 2018Even manager Maurizio Sarri agrees that the press has been too harsh on Jose Mourinho this early in the season, he also exposed certain members of the media for not letting the Portuguese manager work and wants this match to not have that same pressure.But knowing how the English newspapers love creating havoc, it’s nearly impossible to imagine a scenario in which Jose Mourinho won’t be at the very center of criticism regardless of the result on Saturday at Stamford Bridge.Sometimes we (the press) forget that the people we write about are also humans and talking about a manager’s good or bad work is one thing, but flat out asking for him getting sacked is a completely different situation that is not right.Jose Mourinho is one of the most successful managers in modern football, he is right to demand a little more respect from the press but we are not sure if he will withstand all this bad blood against him.I’ve even said that the man needs a break from all this, regroup and come back stronger than ever. But knowing Jose, he would rather die standing up than fleeing from any kind of confrontation with anyone who opposes [email protected] have not won in their last 8 visits to Stamford Bridge, losing 7 with Jose Mourinho losing all 3 visits with @[email protected] are 4 points better off than at this stage of their last title-winning season of 2016-17Live on Saturday on Sky Sports PL from 11:30am pic.twitter.com/nGvnL0amtn— Sky Sports Statto (@SkySportsStatto) October 19, 2018What do you think about the press pushing for Jose Mourinho to get sacked in recent months? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more