A simple door has already ruined The Division

first_imgI booted up The Division after it went live at midnight. After going through a bit of a tutorial, I was tasked with going to a safe house to get my first official assignment. Upon arriving at my destination and locating the door I had to enter, I was blocked by another player who was trying to leave the room. I politely stepped out of his way so that we both could pass. Seemed like the right thing to do, right? Well, there are other players who aren’t as courteous as I am and are using this passageway as a simple griefing tactic to prevent players from progressing in the game.Since this door is the only way in or out of the Brooklyn safe house, some have decided that it would be fun to block other players from leaving or entering by standing right in front of the door. This isn’t one of the most legendary griefings in video games, but its simplicity is hilarious.The video below (as well as the featured image above) comes to us from Eurogamer, who heard about this and wanted to try it out for themselves.As you can see, they are able to keep players from both entering and leaving the room, sometimes sprinkled with some antagonistic emotes. However, as you can also see from the video, victims of this prank can get through by running in place for a while, which will then make them phase through the person blocking the door.Today’s lesson? Don’t be a jerk by blocking the Brooklyn safe house door in The Division. Let your fellow gamers pass, please.last_img read more