Preparations of Bosnian National Football Team successfully ended

first_imgAnthropological testing in the FF BH Training Centre today completed the preparations of the U-18 national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina, players born in 2003.“We finished the first camp where we had all the invited players at our disposal. We did five training sessions, as well as anthropological tests that we do in cooperation with the Sarajevo Faculty of Sports and Physical Education. The boys worked well and everything went without injuries”, says the head coach Slaven Musa.This expert also commented on the working conditions at the first gathering after three months:“As far as health and epidemiological instructions are concerned, in the Training Centre we had all the necessary conditions to implement everything that was required of us, from keeping our distance, the distance between the tables in the dining room, etc. The players stayed in individual rooms, and in the double rooms there were players coming from the same clubs. We filled out all the epidemiological questionnaires, we measured the body temperature of the players and members of the technical staff on a daily basis. We complied with everything prescribed by the epidemiologist and adhered to all measures. It didn’t affect our training sessions, so we did everything we planned.”Musa also spoke about today’s tests:“We will get the results of anthropological tests later and we will compare them with the measurements we did at the winter camps. We perform these tests according to European and world standards where agility, speed and endurance are measured. According to the results from January, our players are in a very good anthropological condition. We will see what the results will be now. The break will probably be felt a bit, especially in terms of endurance, but at first glance it seems that the boys are still in good condition and the results could be better than we expected.”Tomorrow, the national team players born in 2002 will gather in Zenica.“As far as training sessions and work intensity are concerned, we will stick to a similar program at the next gathering. On the first day, we will do one introductory training session, the other two days there will be two trainings, and we will finish the preparations with tests like these. We will take all the same measures as now and I believe that everything will go well”, says Slaven Musa.Dženit Hajdarević, who leads the list of scorers in the Premier Youth U-17 League of Bosnia and Herzegovina with 21 goals, also received an invitation to this camp.“Given that we had a long break of two months, we can say that these preparations were a little harder than usual. However, everything went well and I think we all worked very well. I’m slowly getting back to the shape I was in before. During the break, I worked a lot alone at the stadium which is near my apartment. I also hired a private coach in order to stay in the best possible shape, but group trainings in these few days in Zenica were welcome”, says Hajdarević.Boro Erić, a national team player, also commented on the preparations:“This gathering serves us well after a long break. Most of the players worked only individually, all of us didn’t have the opportunity to do the team trainings. We all tried hard during the break, but we still missed the group training sessions. In addition, we will now have a clearer picture of what shape we are in after everything that has happened lately. I can be satisfied with my current condition, because I did today’s tests well.”The U-18 national team players left the Training Camp today, and the U-19 players will gather tomorrow.last_img read more

PPP demands answers on controversial project

first_imgUS$50M wind farm– questions power purchase agreement; merits of project versus AmailaBy Jarryl BryanMonths after it took office in 2015, the coalition Government had announced that it would facilitate a US$50 million, 25-megawatt wind farm project at Hope Beach on the East Coast of Demerara. But with intense criticism about a party-affiliated investor being behind the project, such talk eventually died down.IPA Proprietor Lloyd SinghAccording to well-placed sources, however, negotiations to bring the wind farm to fruition are going strong. In an interview with Guyana Times, People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Member of Parliament Juan Edghill made it clear the Party remained concerned about the transparency and accountability of the project.“The issue with the wind farm is that they must be able to come clean and show what price GPL will be buying. Is it cheaper than hydro? Would it be driving down the present bill for GPL, that will positively impact the rate the consumers are paying? Or would it be a cash cow for an [Alliance For Change] AFC financier.“Because with the hydro, we were bringing down the cost of electricity to 10 to 12 cents (US) per kilowatt for power,” Edghill explained. “If we are buying from the wind farm for higher than that, (then they are using it) to pass off money to an AFC financier as against bringing cheaper, renewable energy to the Guyanese consumer,” he posited.Pointing to the success of the pressure it, as well as civil society, put on the Government to disclose the contract it made with ExxonMobil, Edghill vowed that the Opposition would do whatever it takes to get answers. The former Minister within the Finance Ministry also expressed concern over the overall direction Guyana’s energy sector was headed in.“The A Partnership for National Unity [APNU]/AFC Government has not produced a comprehensive document to show how Guyana’s energy needs will be satisfied. While they have been talking about wind farms and solar farms, these are only three megawatt and five megawatt facilities when we need 170, 175 megawatts,” he said.It was the AFC itself that identified International Pharmaceutical Agency (IPA) proprietor Lloyd Singh, an investor in the wind farm, as responsible for the party’s acquisition of its multimillion-dollar headquarters in February of 2016. AFC co-founder Khemraj Ramjattan had identified Singh as the one who provided the party with the advance sums for the property.Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo has been vociferously against the project, noting last year that if the Government persisted with it, the Party would vigorously challenge it in the court if needs be. Jagdeo had also pointed out that Singh was a known financier of the AFC.“Imagine a man who built the AFC headquarters is now negotiating with (then) General Secretary of the AFC (Minister David Patterson) for a Power Purchase Agreement that was never tendered and announced long before the power mix study…This smacks of corruption.”As such, the former President said even if Government were to go ahead with the project, the “PPP is not bound to respect anything that is done in this manner”. He said his party would vigorously oppose any Power Purchase Agreement negotiated in secret by related parties.Jagdeo was also adamant that Government’s proposed solution in the form of a wind farm would not bring an end to the spate of blackouts and other woes, as he maintained that “this thing is a corrupt deal and we will scrutinise this… will press them hard to get the details of this contract”. According to Jagdeo, “we have to look at it; if we find that it is particularly egregious, then we will challenge it as we have done in the courts and use every means that is available to us to expose it.”Regarding the capacity of the wind farm itself, Jagdeo has also raised questions on what would happen if the wind speed for any given day were to drop below what was required and as a result, generation fell to nil.“What will be the back-up power that will kick in?” Jagdeo questioned, even as he sought to explain that with a wind farm, what is being purchased is energy and not necessarily capacity. Jagdeo had pointed out that hydropower offered both capacity and energy.While not as stable as hydro, the use of wind turbines is a form of renewable energy. But the Hope Beach Wind Farm project is certainly no match for the proposed 165 MW Amaila Falls Hydro Project, a brainchild of Jagdeo that the coalition Government has since turned its back on despite a favourable review from Norwegian firm Norconsult.last_img read more