Gardai hunt thieves who stole caravan from side of house

first_imgGardai are hunting thieves who stole a caravan from the side of a house in Falcarragh.The cheeky robbery of the caravan took place at Ballyness between 6am and 7am on September 8th last.Gardai have viewed CCTV footage and are seeking to interview the driver of a blue VW car which was seen towing the car. The caravan, which measures 28 feet long and 8 feet wide, was taken from Falcarragh but was taken in the direction of Clady.The Hobby VIP caravan had been clamped by the owner but this did not stop the thieves from removing the caravan.Garda Grainne Doherty said the caravan also had a grey and blue stripe down the side and has a registration number of WJZ 9398.Garda Doherty appealed for anybody who may have been on the road early that morning and noticed a caravan being hitched by a car to contact their local Garda station. She also appealed to anybody who may have dashcam footage to get in touch with Gardai.Gardai hunt thieves who stole caravan from side of house was last modified: September 17th, 2019 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:caravanFanadGardairobberylast_img read more

Why Aren’t VCs Backing Augmented Reality?

first_img9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Industry Ex… marshall kirkpatrick Some people believe that Augmented Reality (AR), the class of technologies that place images or data on top of other views of the physical world, could be the web browser of the future. AR has rocketed out of the research labs and is catching mass market interest fast – from mobile phones displaying restaurant reviews when you look through your phone’s camera to next month’s Esquire Magazine, which you’ll be able to hold up to your webcam to see marker-based 3D “holograms” in your hands telling you jokes. The International Symposium on Augmented and Extended Reality this month had major sponsors from all around the world, including Qualcomm, Volkswagon, Intel and Nokia. Despite all this energy, media darling startup Layar is reported to have raised…a mere $1 million investment from venture capitalists. Why are VCs not investing more in Augmented Reality? Here are three reasons why we think investment in this sector has been slow so far.Layar is the media darling in this space, thanks to the company’s easy-to-use consumer product and dazzling demonstration videos. Earlier this week, VentureBeat broke the news of the company’s funding by European investors. (Layar declined to comment for this story.)Total Immersion, the company that made those awesome interactive 3D baseball cards (video below) has raised two rounds of funding over the last eight years. Metaio has forthcoming consumer apps but is a major B2B business in AR already – it wouldn’t be a surprise if they’ve raised some money.But for all the hype, this doesn’t seem to be a field that investors are rushing to fund. Why is that? There are a number of theories.AR is Just Hype, It’s Not UsefulLots of people are excited about AR, but is it just eye-candy? Mobile AR, the implementation most accessible to consumers today, is a little disappointing to use once you get past the initial Wow-factor.Not everyone agrees, though, that there’s no utility here. IT analyst firm Gartner named Augmented Reality one of its Top Ten Disruptive Technologies for 2008-2012.It is early days. People have been hoping that AR will help with things like auto repair for years and the US Marines have seen big efficiency gains in tests of AR vehicle repair with an Android phone hooked up to a pair of goggles. Advertising and marketing seem like the low hanging fruit but there’s interest in medicine as well. Imagine anatomical models you could hold in your hand, turn around to look at and interact with or read about.“The real impact of AR on business,” consultant Tracy Sheridan says, “is money saved in manufacturing, training, etc. [and that] has been overshadowed by its role in digital marketing.”Since when have investors been shy about backing advertising technology, though? None the less, the perception that AR lacks real utility is undoubtedly mitigating some enthusiasm. There are other arguments that are more compelling, though.It’s a Feature Not a ProductCompanies like Yelp and UrbanSpoon have seen a lot of press coverage for adding AR views of data on top of their existing customer review iPhone apps. Companies in all kinds of verticals where location data is used will no doubt roll out AR features in coming months.This critique makes sense. Can services like Layar, Wikitude or Tonchidot really become effective browser plays, used by millions of people to browse a wide variety of AR data sets? Or will AR simply appear as features in other, stand-alone mobile applications? Only time will tell.Neither marker-based AR, the lesser-known but more established form of AR, nor mobile AR may prove difficult enough as technology to present a meaningful barrier to entry.Markerless AR that processes live video? That’s a whole new story that may offer plenty of technical challenges.Either way, the “feature not a product” concern was something we’ve heard from several people, including one VC who preferred not to be quoted.It’s Too EarlyDavid Hornick of August Capital offered perhaps the most convincing explanation why VCs aren’t investing more in AR.“I’d be happy to invest in the space if there was a near term opportunity,” he told us. “The challenge for investing in emerging markets is to not get too far out ahead of the market (there was a ton of money lost getting too far ahead of the mobile market, etc.). And I think that venture firms are being particularly cautious about getting out too far ahead of trends these days.”That makes sense. AR isn’t new, it’s been developing in academic labs for ten years or more, but effective commercial applications of it really are. These are the very early days of a new paradigm. User experience, utility and monetization strategies remain in their infancy.The market has evolved a lot over the last 12 months, though, and answers to some of these questions will likely emerge soon. What better time could there be for daring investors to get in early? Related Posts 5 Outdoor Activities for Beating Office Burnoutcenter_img Tags:#Analysis#Augmented Reality#web 4 Keys to a Kid-Safe App 12 Unique Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for People…last_img read more

There’s Mold in My Attic

first_imgSkip the bleachPfeif has been attacking the mold with bleach. That’s a recommendation that pops up frequently, but it’s not without its risks, and it’s unnecessary.“The bleach is working, but my eyes are very itchy, and my cheeks feel irritated,” he complains. “While wearing the N95 respirator the smell of bleach became intolerable. I don’t think I had the mask sealed, and the fumes were trapped under it. I have been fit tested and trained on how to apply the mask, but the 3M mask I purchased at the store was stiff and difficult to mold. I feel like it did more harm than good.”Chappell-Dick says that misting moldy areas with bleach won’t fix the problem and may even make it worse. Also, an N95 mask is for particulates, not exposure to chemicals.“I don’t know enough about chemical exposure protection to say what would protect you from bleach but an N95 won’t,” he says. “I suggest you try calling 3M or another vendor of respirators to get assistance with what type of respirator cartridge is needed. Again, I would not continue the bleach.”Who said anything about bleach? Holladay ask. “Skip the bleach,” he says. “If you need to clean up mold, ordinary soap and water (for example, dish detergent or laundry detergent) is all you need — plus some way of keeping everything dry.”And as for Pfeif’s comment that a friend has offered to power-wash the attic once all of the insulation has been removed, forget it. Malcolm Taylor put it this way: “Pressure washing the attic is an insane idea.” How to seal the air leaksPfeif has bought some canned foam to seal the leaks, but is this the right stuff? Maybe not.“As you move the insulation out of the way and air-seal the cracks, you’ll find that spray foam in a can is useful for big obvious leaks like around ceiling lights and sometimes drywall cracks, but you’ll typically use way more caulk which is easier to tool into place,” says Andy Chappell-Dick.Keith H suggests that Pfeif get pro-grade spray foam equipment (one source is this retailer). “The consumer cans are terrible for applying foam and dry up fast,” Keith says. “You can also get a super long gun if you want for reaching under the roof. A properly stored pro can on a pro gun lasts months.”He adds that while caulk is a common suggestion, his experience has been that caulk shrinks over time. “Foam shrinks, too,” he add, “but is easier to apply in generous quantities.”As the online discussion developed, Pfeif shared the fact that his ceiling consists of tongue-and-groove boards. Holladay suggests that drywall can be an effective air barrier, and it might be the simplest approach in this situation.“The easiest approach is to install drywall on the interior side of the tongue-and-groove boards,” says Holladay. “Of course, that means you won’t see the boards. If you love the boards, and want them to be visible, you can try to remove them carefully so that they can be reinstalled later. As long as they weren’t installed with ring-shank nails, this is probably doable.“After the boards are removed,” Holladay continues, “install drywall with taped joints. Then re-install the boards on the interior side of the drywall (assuming you like the look).” Air Sealing an AtticAll About Attic VentingCreating a Conditioned AtticHow to Build an Insulated Cathedral CeilingQuestions and Answers About Air BarriersAir Barrier or Vapor Barrier? A Building Science Podcast A three-season cabin built in the 1940s became a year-round dwelling two years ago, but owner Marty Pfeif has discovered an alarming problem: a bumper crop of mold in the attic.In a post at the Q&A forum, Pfeif ticks off the particulars, including no apparent attempts at air-sealing, “shake and rake” R-19 insulation on the attic floor and some batting against the walls, no vapor barrier, and a ridge vent but no gable vents.In addition, he’s recently learned that an exhaust duct for the bathroom fan has fallen apart, allowing moist air to spill directly into the attic for the last couple of years.“This week I found mold in the attic, and lots of it!” he writes.“I’m spraying the mold with bleach, and have ordered RMR 80 mold remover,” Pfeif continues. “I have removed a 12×5-foot section of insulation, and I am in the process of air-sealing this section.”When he’s done, he’d like to have a more usable space, either for storage or possibly for use a loft.“The house is only 600 square feet,” he says. “It has vaulted ceilings everywhere but the bedroom and bathroom. I have no idea if mold is growing in this part of the roof. I plan to hire a new contractor, but this time I want to know what should be done, instead of blindly trusting that they will do the job correctly.” Our expert’s opinionHere’s GBA technical director Peter Yost’s take:A common problem with turning cabins in heating climates into year-round homes is that people often insulate first when the required order of updates should actually go like this:(1) Improve bulk water management.(2) Air seal.(3) Do the above while maintaining/designating directional drying.(4) Manage interior and household sources of moisture.(5) Insulate.You could argue that #4 could be moved up one, two, or even three spots. I am OK with that, but #4 must be on the list, and insulation should be dead last.For seasonal cabins which now need to be airtight, you need to bite the bullet and guide your air sealing with a blower door. It doesn’t matter if you or a contractor is doing the work: the blower door will tell you if or when you have managed to improve the building’s airtightness. In my experience, for buildings in cold climates, airtightness should be in the range of 3 to 4 air changes per hour (at 50 pascals) to manage wintertime condensation.Do you need to clean up the mold before you run a blower door? Good question. For most of us, mold spores are just particulate irritants, annoying but not injurious. If you are worried about too much contact with the mold spores, clean them up with soap and water as Martin described. You are physically removing the spores as opposed to trying to “kill” them with bleach.And one more thing on item #4: I get called quite a bit about interior moisture problems in the winter in cold climates just after energy retrofits. Prior to insulating, the home was tolerating quite a bit of interior or occupant moisture loading. But those same loads can become a problem after the energy retrofit. Here is the list — pretty much in order of priority and prevalence — of the interior sources of moisture I find that need to be better managed after the energy retrofit:Cordwood stored in a basement.Exposed dirt or unsealed crawl space floors.Unvented gas appliances (heaters, stovetops, ovens).Lack of, or poorly installed, kitchen range hood.Lack of, or poorly installed, bath exhaust.Clothes dryer vented to the interior during the winter.Greenhouses attached to living spaces.Along with buying at least one decent hygrometer so you know what your overall interior moisture is (see this GBA article: Measuring and Understanding Humidity), check off all of the moisture sources listed above, and you will be in good shape.center_img Don’t make the solution more complicatedPfeif has pondered bleach, pressure washing, new gable events, and vapor barriers, but Chappell-Dick reminds him not to overthink the solution. It’s really all about the air sealing.“People like the look of a board ceiling, especially in a cabin, but by itself it’s not compatible with a heated house,” he writes. “It must have an air barrier added. Draping sheet plastic over the joists in the attic is an awkward solution at best — hard to seal and prone to compromise. Plus, you don’t need any kind of ‘vapor’ or ‘moisture’ barrier on your ceiling — just an air barrier, for reasons that Martin also discussed.“So it may be a tough decision,” Chappel-Dick continued, “but really your only workable solution is to put up drywall on the ceiling, either just covering up the boards, or tear off the boards and reinstall them after the drywall is taped (although FWIW this introduces a thousand nail holes into the drywall…)”Throw out any old insulation that looks moldy and replace it. With an effective air barrier in place, any remaining mold spores will remain dormant and harmless.One footnote: Pfeif should think twice about using that attic for storage or as a loft, Chappell-Dick says. “That’s Yosemite Sam shooting himself in both feet,” he writes. “A usable attic is a troubled attic. With sufficient insulation, an attic is a terrible place to store stuff — dusty, hot, accessible only through a very tightly sealed door. As for the loft idea, you’d have to completely change how the space is insulated and air-sealed; now the roof becomes your thermal and air barrier, which can be a huge challenge in an old building.” RELATED ARTICLES Air leaks are the problemThe cause of the problem is no mystery to GBA senior editor Martin Holladay, who writes, “The most likely cause of the mold is air leaks in your ceiling. These air leaks allow humid interior air (conditioned air) to enter your attic. The moisture in the air condenses on cold attic surfaces, encouraging mold growth.”The ridge vent, he adds, is just making the situation worse because it lowers the air pressure in the attic, thereby pulling air through cracks in the ceiling and adding even more moisture.Holladay’s recommended fix is to temporarily remove the insulation and seal the air leaks. But, he adds, don’t worry about adding a vapor barrier, such as polyethylene plastic, because the problem is air leakage rather than vapor diffusion. “The moisture is piggybacking on exfiltrating air — it’s not diffusing through your drywall,” Holladay wrote (before Pfeif revealed that his ceiling lacked drywall). For more information on the difference between air leakage and vapor diffusion, see the links in the “Related Articles” sidebar.last_img read more

One University To Rule Them All: Stanford Tops Startup List

first_imgStanford alums have raised $4.1 billion in 203 financings. Harvard alums are second, at $3.8 billion in 112 financings. But strip out Facebook and Harvard funding drops to just $1.8 billion. What Nobody Teaches You About Getting Your Star… China and America want the AI Prize Title: Who … How to Get Started in China and Have Success “We did go into the study thinking Stanford would stand out from the crowd but we were surprised at how much they dominated,” says CB Insights CEO Anand Sanwal. “The level by which they have a lead was more eye-popping than we imagined.”The University Entrepreneurship Report is of interest to a lot of different groups. Schools like Stanford and Harvard, which used to churn out a lot of investment bankers but have pivoted from that focus, want to see if their shift is paying off.Where Are The Hotshot Startup Founders?Investors, of course, want to know where to find the hotshot entrepreneurs.And the report is of interest to local groups because it also measures “alumni leakage.” Are smart students soaking up community resources then leaving town to start companies and employ people elsewhere? Stanford and Cal alumni usually stay put, which is not surprising since Silicon Valley is next door. Harvard alums tend to start companies in places other than Massachusetts – mostly Silicon Valley and New York – but MIT grads are less mobile.“That speaks to the nature of the startups coming out of those universities,” Sanwal says. “When you’re dealing with the hard sciences, like at MIT, you might need ongoing access to the specialized talent of the universities and the professors, so you might stick closer to your alma mater. Whereas if you’re in tech or social media, you don’t necessarily need to be tied to Boston, so you’re more inclined to go where the money is.”A Different Kind Of DiversityAt all six universities studied, tech startups attracted the most funding. But Berkeley and MIT alums founded more companies in industries outside of tech.“We were surprised by the diversity of startups coming out of Cal and MIT and the general lack of diversity of startups elsewhere,” Sanwal says. “I expected to see more overall in the life science and clean tech realms at the other schools. I think Cal and MIT are more progressive and forward-thinking when it comes to commercialization of research.”What About Your School?If you’re wondering why your own alma mater is not included in the report, CB Insights chose these six schools because they have the most data. They’re also the six with the most entrepreneurial alums.“We’ve had a lot of other universities calling us and asking why they’re not in the report,” Sanwal says. “It really came down to how much data we could capture. A lot of people said why didn’t we include University of Chicago, because that’s where Groupon started. We wanted schools where there was a consistency of funding across many companies, not just a blip with one hot company.” (Or, these days, not so hot.)Why Stanford WinsSo why is Stanford the big winner? A lot of credit goes to the school’s emphasis on technology. A lot also goes to the many angels and VCs who live in the neighborhood. They like to support the home team, as do investors everywhere.“Boston firm Highland Capital is most active at MIT, New York firm Union Square [Ventures] is most active at NYU and Silicon Valley firm DFJ is most active at Stanford,” Sanwal says.And what about students who want to found tech companies some day. Does this study point the way to the best colleges for them? Sanwal seems to think so: “This begs the question: do you have to go to a top school to get funding for your startup?” he said. “I don’t see that changing. It’s not just what you know but who you know.” How OKR’s Completely Transformed Our Culturecenter_img Stanford University has a lot of smart people. But the school’s nickname is dumb: the Stanford Cardinal. As in the color red. How unimaginative. Here’s a better idea: the Stanford Entrepreneurs.Yes, harder to fit on a souvenir coffee mug but a much more accurate handle. A recent study by business research firm CB Insights shows Stanford dominates all other universities in the field of alumni entrepreneurship.The first-ever University Entrepreneurship Report tracks companies founded by or led by alumni (and dropouts) from six top U.S. schools – Stanford, Harvard, UC Berkeley, New York University, University of Pennsylvania and MIT – and the funding they’ve received. Tags:#startups#Venture Funding Related Posts tim devaney and tom steinlast_img read more

10 months agoHuddersfield boss Wagner: We score thousands of training goals

first_imgAbout the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your say Huddersfield boss Wagner: We score thousands of training goalsby Freddie Taylor10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveHuddersfield Town boss David Wagner has called on his players to start converting their chances as they look to escape relegation this season.The Terriers have scored just four goals in their last six matches ahead of their bottom of the table clash with Fulham on Saturday.Wagner said: “In training it’s not about a lack of effort or attitude. In training they hit the back of the net thousands of times.”But in games it hasn’t clicked so far. This is the truth, but I think it is all about seeing the chance and taking the opportunity that is in front of you.”Recent results have affected our performances. In other games performances were on a very good level.”We defended well and created unbelievable opportunities but we didn’t score and this is the truth.”This is where we have to improve – we have to take steps to convert our chances, our performances and our ball possession.” last_img read more

3 days agoLiverpool striker Firmino dismisses Keane hugging blast

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Liverpool striker Firmino dismisses Keane hugging blastby Paul Vegas3 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveLiverpool striker Roberto Firmino has dismissed Roy Keane’s blast after seeing Liverpool and Manchester United players for ‘hugging and kissing’ in the tunnel before Sunday’s game at Old Trafford.Firmino and his team-mate Fabinho were seen embracing United’s Fred and Andreas Pereira in the tunnel, with all four players having played for Brazil.Firmino told ESPN Brazil: “I don’t want to create controversy with anyone.”I find it quite normal before the game to greet each other, ask how they are doing. That’s all. Nothing more than that.”But on the pitch, they aren’t friends, each one defends his club to the best of his ability. Then the rivalry increases on the pitch.” last_img read more

Photos: Braxton Miller Honored To Have Poster At Ohio Stadium

first_imgBraxton Miller running with the football for Ohio State.ANN ARBOR, MI – NOVEMBER 28: Terry Richardson #13 of the Michigan Wolverines tackles Braxton Miller #1 of the Ohio State Buckeyes during the second quarter at Michigan Stadium on November 28, 2015 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)Braxton Miller is a bona fide Ohio State great after his tenure as All-Big Ten quarterback and later a dynamic wide receiver.His status with the program wasn’t in question, but now he is officially in the ranks of the “greats” at Ohio Stadium, where his poster has been added.Miller and defensive end Joey Bosa are the two latest Buckeyes to receive the honor.Bosa and Braxton have been added into the Hall of Greats at Ohio Stadium.— Not James Vogel (@Not_James_Vogel) August 31, 2016Miller is incredibly grateful to have his posted hanging at “The Horseshoe.”Miller proved to be a threat at every level of offense during his time at Ohio State. As quarterback from 2011-2013, he threw for 5,295 yards, 52 touchdowns, and 17 interceptions. He rushed for 3,315 yards and 33 touchdowns, including 1,000 yard seasons on the ground in 2012 and 2013. As a receiver in 2015, Miller caught 25 passes for 340 yards and three touchdowns.While his numbers at receiver won’t blow anyone away, it was his first year playing the position, and the team dealt with issues at quarterback, as J.T. Barrett did not win the job back from the up-and-down Cardale Jones until midway through the year. Even so, Miller showed enough to be a third round pick by the Houston Texans, where he now plays alongside superstar DeAndre Hopkins and promising receivers like Jaelen Strong and Will Fuller.last_img read more

Canadian music festivals pledging gender equality in lineups by 2022

first_imgAdvertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Login/Register With: Facebook Twitter Advertisement TORONTO — Four Canadian music events are joining an international pledge to fight inequality in the industry by vowing to have gender parity across their lineups by 2022.Montreal’s electronic music festival Mutek, western Canadian-based conference BreakOut West, and both North By Northeast and Canadian Music Week in Toronto are among 45 global events agreeing to take part in the initiative.The move is being led by U.K. talent firm PRS Foundation, which founded a program called Keychange in the hopes of “empowering women to transform the future of the music industry.”So excited to announce that 45 music festivals and conferences have signed up to our 50:50 by 2022 pledge! Find out more (and how you can join us) here >— Keychange (@KeychangeEU) February 26, 2018 Vanessa Reed introduces the Keychange 50/50 pledge and says we’ve got lots to do, but we’re excited about this as a start! #keychange— Keychange (@KeychangeEU) February 26, 2018Gender imbalance has long been a conversation in the music industry, though pressure has ramped up in recent years, with both the Grammy Awards and Junos facing criticism over a lack of female representation among their nominees.Music festivals have come under similar scrutiny for poor representation of women among their performers. Some have suggested it’s a relatively easy fix for promoters to book more female artists. Keychange’s goals offer festivals roughly five years to implement their changes.Other international festivals and conferences among the participants for gender balance include Iceland Airwaves, NYC Winter Jazzfest, Liverpool Sound City and the Manchester Jazz Festival. Advertisementlast_img read more

Big Ten champs Buckeyes knock off Illini on senior night win conference

The night started with tears dripping down the face of senior Mark Titus.It ended with a floor full of Buckeye nuts celebrating Ohio State’s first Big Ten Championship since the 2006-07 season.Behind a barrage of 3-pointers by junior Jon Diebler, the No. 6 Buckeyes raced past Illinois to win 73-57 on senior night at the Schottenstein Center.Diebler drained seven shots from behind the arc, including five in the first half. He paced the Buckeyes with 21 points.With the win, Ohio State clinched at least a share of the Big Ten title. Illinois didn’t make it easy, though.The Illini matched Diebler’s first-half onslaught, nailing six 3-pointers of their own to stay within 37-33 after the first frame. Junior Demetri McCamey knocked down four of his five attempts from 3-point range en route to 12 first half points.Still, Illinois never mustered the run it needed to threaten the Buckeye lead down the stretch.OSU turned up its defensive pressure in the second half, forcing turnovers with a full court press and allowing fewer open shots from outside. Illinois managed just 24 points after halftime, shooting a woeful 2-for-10 from 3-point range. McCamey was limited to six points in the half.In perhaps the final home game of his illustrious three-year career, Evan Turner contributed 16 points, 12 rebounds and five assists. Junior David Lighty chipped in 15 points and sophomore William Buford had 17, giving the Buckeyes a well-balanced offensive attack.OSU used a 12-2 run in the second half to grab a 65-51 lead and never looked back.With the lead intact, coach Thad Matta emptied his bench, allowing his seniors one final cameo on their home floor. For Titus, it was an opportunity to achieve one last “trillion,” the term he coined for recording one minute of playing time with no statistical output.The team gathered with its fans on the court following the victory, rejoicing with plastic sharks commemorating “The Shark” Titus and chants of “one more year” directed at Turner, who experts have penciled in near the top of June’s NBA Draft, should he decide to forgo his senior season of eligibility.Michigan State and Purdue can join in on the Big Ten Championship party by winning their last two games, respectively. Even so, by virtue of a plethora of tiebreakers, OSU will earn the No. 1 seed in next week’s Big Ten Tournament. read more

Football How Ohio State will replace right guard Branden Bowen

Ohio State right guard Branden Bowen raises his helmet to the crowd as he is carted off the field during the first quarter of the Buckeyes’ game against Maryland on Oct. 7. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorOhio State’s offensive line had seemingly found its groove. Over the past several games, the line had provided quarterback J.T. Barrett with plenty of time each time he dropped back to pass, particularly in Saturday’s game against Maryland.But with less than two minutes left in the first quarter of Ohio State’s eventual 62-14 victory over Maryland, redshirt sophomore right guard Branden Bowen fell to the turf on a play that broke down and forced Barrett to scramble out of the pocket for a two-yard gain. The hulking lineman was carted off the field with a cast on his left leg and later was diagnosed as having fractured both his left tibia and fibula.“Keep Branden Bowen in your prayers,” head coach Urban Meyer said after the game. “I think he’s going to have surgery tomorrow, broken leg. Clean break. And so just gotta get him healthy and get him back.”For a number of reasons, the loss of Bowen will affect the team. Emotionally, it is the loss of a teammate and a painful injury the team knows will cost Bowen the rest of his season. From a personnel standpoint, it leaves a hole on the right side of the offensive line that requires filling before the team travels to Nebraska.Even when Bowen is replaced on the line, the new starter will lack the previous game experience the starter possessed and the chemistry he had developed with the other starters.“That’s our brother. And as an offense, that’s our brother as well, so I mean, you’re losing one of the key cogs of the offensive unit with Bowen going down,” redshirt senior center Billy Price said. “That game experience that Bowen had, it’s irreplaceable. Even last year’s game experience and him coming in and taking that time.”Redshirt sophomore Matt Burrell took Bowen’s place Saturday. Burrell listed as the left guard backup on the team’s depth chart and who has been seen before games going through warmups as a center. Redshirt junior Malcolm Pridgeon was listed as Bowen’s official backup at right guard.Burrell had been among those competing for the starting right guard spot in the summer, but ultimately lost the position battle to Bowen. As it stands right now, Burrell figures to be the most likely candidate to inherit the starting job, but Meyer left open the possibility of another position battle.“Next man up, right now looks like Matt Burrell,” Meyer said. “And we’ll see if there’s any competition at that spot. [The depth is] alarming, but Matt played OK.”For now though, the expectation among the players is that Burrell will inherit the will fill Bowen’s vacancy. Bowen was a key factor in the momentum the line had built coming into the game, Price said. Now the mentality is next man up.“Matt came in for [Bowen] and he performed very well today,” Price said. “A guy who we always [tell] ‘You never know your number’s going to be called so you have to make sure you prepare.’”When Burrell lost the battle in the offseason, it was likely a major blow to his confidence as he had lost a position battle the season prior at the left guard spot to now-sophomore guard Michael Jordan.And as Price said, that lack of confidence still separates Burrell from Bowen for the time being.“He’s always questioning, ‘Hey did I do this right?’ or ‘Hey, did I do this right? And it’s again, football is a game of highs and lows and you’ve just got to go out and block,” Price said. “You can’t just sit here and constantly think about, ‘Hey, OK I’ve got to make sure that this is playing perfect.’ Playing offensive line, you’re not going to play perfect.” read more