Beyond the bean

first_imgWhen your customers are rushing to catch the 06.59 from Reading to Paddington, there is no time to get your product offering wrong. That’s why, even after 15 years of running coffee kiosks at major UK stations and airports, AMT Coffee regards quick service and using exceptional ingredients, such as 100% Fairtrade coffee and organic milk, as key. It also holds customer loyalty very dear, and even today, despite around 80% of customers repeat purchasing up to five times a week, the managing director reads every single customer comment.For the bakery goods on sale throughout AMT Coffee’s 44 kiosks, the standards are no less stringent. The latest additions to the food range, for example, use free-range eggs wherever possible. The chicken and ham used in its new sandwich and panini range is all British-reared, and only whole-muscle hams and mature cheese are considered.With bakery sales exceeding £1 million, AMT is naturally keen to capitalise on opportunities to take the company “beyond the bean”, so careful buying that succeeds in tempting the core coffee-drinking consumer into buying something to eat as well, is paramount.Retailing from small kiosks and catering for the ’grab and go’ consumer, there is little time and space for anything but the most basic on-site food preparation, with equipment limited to microwaves or panini grills, points out product manager Kate Bibbey, so products are mostly bought as finished goods.Products also have to be supplied at a competitive price. With so many direct and indirect competitors springing up both on high streets and in station concourses the country over, customers are very price-conscious, she says. For this reason, product price rises are an ongoing concern, and whether it’s because of cold winters in South Africa affecting orange harvests or soaring worldwide wheat prices, sorting out avoidable from unavoidable price rises is a time-consuming job.For these reasons, perhaps, would-be suppliers rarely get an immediate ’yes’ out of Bibbey. Suppliers who have met her would, she hopes, describe her as someone who is open and flexible, but who also knows what makes a really excellent new AMT bakery product. Finding a solution that benefits both parties may mean a frank, but collaborative discussion, she says, about work involving recipe reformulation – to ensure that only the very best ingredients are used – and involving product dimensions, so that new products fit well within existing ranges and can be displayed properly, given the space constraints within the AMT bars.About new suppliers, she says: “I love coming across suppliers who are genuinely passionate about what they’re making. Those that combine fantastic products – both ’old favourites’ and new innovations with commercial acumen – are really important in making sure that our partnerships with suppliers are fruitful.”With so many bars nationwide and weekly deliveries, shelf-life is also a consideration. However, even on this very crucial point, AMT can be flexible. Muffins from a new supplier offered such a powerful visual, taste and freshness appeal that Bibbey was prepared to take on their four-day shelf-life. The chain has also enjoyed success recently with a new sandwich range, which has a two-day rather than three-day shelf-life. The new range, which includes bespoke sandwiches, wraps and paninis, has surpassed even Bibbey’s expectations, as there has been a six-fold increase in sales of this category since the range was rolled out nationally in December.AMT finds its suppliers from the usual shows, as well as from keeping an eye on current events in the bakery world. Bibbey particularly likes to keep an eye on the latest winners of ’Great Taste Awards’ as they “often reveal the smaller suppliers who don’t necessarily have a marketing budget but who are making delicious, beautifully packaged products”. Kiosk managers also get to have a say.Recently, though, the company advertised for new business in trade titles, including British Baker, which proved particularly effective in reaching smaller, unknown suppliers. Three- quarters of respondents came from this sector, which has significantly added to the company’s potential repertoire. She adds: “Finding a supplier with a ’can-do’ attitude and passion about their products makes working together a pleasure. Some small suppliers don’t understand the importance of good packaging to sell products in the grab-and-go environment, so when I come across those with great products and flexibility regarding the packaging, I know I’m on to a good thing.”As a rule, Bibbey looks to add one new product a month, but may trial two or three, so sup- pliers have around a 30% chance of making it on to AMT’s shelves. Quality, presentation and logistics aside, the deciding factor on whether a product is stocked is how well it sells during the trial. A good example of a recent new listing is the Toffee Waffle, a delicious melt-in-the-mouth recipe from a small supplier in Wales, that uses only free-range eggs and gooey toffee. “These are especially nice when the toffee is melted by resting the waffle on top of your hot drink,” Bibbey notes, with the tone of some hands-on experience. At the end of the day, AMT’s mainstream business is serving its customers delicious coffee and providing products that match that quality. As Bibbey says: “No matter how great a product tastes, if it doesn’t look good, we’ll be disappointed with sales.”—-=== Kate Bibbey at a glance ===Job history: Languages and Economics student from The University of Edinburgh, who became passionate about Fairtrade and the effect of our consumption habits on the developing world after living for a number of years in South America. This passion fuelled her decision to take the job at AMT Coffee.Bibbey has worked for AMT Coffee for one-and-a-half years.Top tip to new suppliers: “Do your research before you contact us, so that you can tailor what you can offer to our needs.”Favourite product: Sweet Oaties Scottish biscuits, made by hand in Edinburgh.Outside interests: “After sampling lots of goodies I like to run it off at the on-site gym. I’m also keen on singing and I like eating out in interesting restaurants. As in my work, I am always keen to try something different!”—-=== Potted history ===AMT was created in 1992 by the three McCallum brothers. The youngest, Alistair, had arrived in Oxford from Seattle and noticed that decent coffee was hard to come by. He asked his two brothers to join him in a new venture, selling real coffee from street carts in Oxford. The carts were quickly followed by kiosks in train stations and airports. AMT, which is a small, private company, became the first in the UK to offer 100% Fairtrade coffee and 100% organic milk. Its bars are built in the UK and the installation process is managed internally. No franchises are offered. More information is available at []last_img read more

Keep Busy Broadway-Style During Winter Storm Juno!

first_img Prep for Bombshell with a Marilyn-thon Lest you forget, the fictional Smash musical is coming to New York for one night only. Assuming you already binge-watch the show every few months, you might want to get ready by watching all of Marilyn Monroe’s movies available on Netflix. If it’s particularly frigid in your room, that pool scene in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes will make things pretty steamy. Shirtless guys in flesh-colored short shorts? Uhm, hi. View Comments Add a Beard to Broadway Hotties Two of the most important questions we asked you in 2014: Do you prefer Aaron Tveit bearded or smoothly shaven? And what about Jeremy Jordan? Some scruff can be a valuable asset to keep guys warm as temperatures drop. Thanks to the folks at Manuary, an annual awareness campaign to support head and neck cancer research, you can now visualize all of your Broadway baes as lumbersexuals. Go to a Winter Session of Summer Camp This past summer, we celebrated all things camp on Of course, one month is hardly enough time to highlight all of our favorite gems, so might we suggest a few more? Here’s a jumpsuit-clad Bernadette Peters singing The Wiz. Here’s the late Elaine Stritch singing a Disney princess ballad. Enjoy! Grab a Friend and Read Love Letters “Defying Gravity” might be a bit ambitious, but two chairs and a table aren’t. The recent Broadway revival was cut short as incoming stars had to cancel their Broadway bow. But now you can grab your roommate or loved one and put on your own encore performance. You don’t even have to memorize lines! Tip: celebrity impersonations might help. Tony Danza and Carol Channing, perhaps? Stage a DIY “Defying Gravity” As if you haven’t thought about doing this before. You know Skylar Astin has. If you can’t find a cherrypicker and a lifetime supply of dry ice, you can improvise. This kid did, and he’s our damn hero for it. It looks like you just need an office chair, lots of black fabric, a broom and…a high-powered fan? Surely you have all those objects lying around. Ah-ah-ah-ah-ahh! Make a Broadway Quilt* Knitting and quilting are all the rage on the Great White Way. Former Wicked witches Christine Dwyer and Jenni Barber know what’s up. So does Dee Roscioli, actually. Just imagine that aforementioned Marilyn Monroe marathon while snuggled in a quilt featuring knitted versions of Idina Menzel and Norm Lewis’ faces. (*We have no idea how quilting works. Guess we’ll just stick with these.)center_img Groceries? Check. Candles? Check. Broadway necessities? We’ve got you covered. Winter Storm Juno has arrived in the northeast, and while Broadway shows have been canceled for January 26 (and maybe on the 27th—we’ll keep you posted), that doesn’t mean that the spirit of the Great White Way can’t live on in your own, hopefully heated, home. Here are some of the indoors activities we recommend to keep you busy and cozy during the blizzard. Stay warm! Learn a New Language™ Sure, you could finally perfect your Spanish or French, but isn’t it time you became fluent in Sas-isms? Broadway vet Rachelle Rak will Cha Cha Puus™ over to 54 Below on January 29 for a night of biting the apple™. Before the big night, make sure you’re up to snuff with the proper lexicon (i.e. obsassed™). If not, well, Molly, you in danger, gurl. Put Your Broadway Knowledge to the Test How well-versed are you in Sondheim lyrics? Can you identify all of the Broadway theaters on a map? Which 66 musicals have taken home the Tony? Kill some time on Sporcle to see just how much of a Broadway baby you really are. Super scientific studies have proven that the more people read, the better they perform on these tests. Just saying. Play Broadway Cards Against Humanity It’s a great/inappropriate game already. But if you haven’t guessed, we tend to gravitate toward things with a theatrical flair. Kudos to the geniuses over at Musicals Against Humanity for getting the ball rolling. We especially like this card. Hey, can you blame him? We love Aaron Tveit—with or without a beard! Wait, what were we talking about? Sorry. Not sorry. Play the Vlog Drinking Game Time to put on a liquid coat. The rules are simple: Drink every time Frankie J. Grande speaks with a fake accent! Drink every time Kara Lindsay’s book farts! Drink every time James Snyder has snack time! It’s what the cast of Rock of Ages would have wanted you to do. If you’re not of legal age, it’s equally fun with sparkling cider. Promise.last_img read more