Windows Live Messenger will die to pave the way for Skype

first_imgNow that Microsoft is beginning to fully leverage its acquisition of Skype, it sees no value in keeping its legacy messaging platform afloat. Windows Live Messenger, which many still refer to as MSN Messenger, will reportedly be retired in order to reduce confusion and fragmentation among users.For the millions of existing Windows Live Messenger users, there won’t be a major change. Rather, some day in the near future, they will simply be transitioned into Skype. In fact, the current version of Skype already allows users to log in with their Windows Live credentials.So in essence, all that is happening is that Windows Live Messenger is being re-branded as Skype, but beyond that, the official retirement of the Messenger name and platform will be a large step in Microsoft’s continuing and aggressive strategy to link all of its products and services together.Until recently, it was fairly uncommon for someone to use platforms from the same company for all their online interactions. You could have an Xbox 360 for gaming at home, but on-the-go you have an iPhone, and then when you need to IM someone you use Google Talk. The value proposition of using a universal platform for all those services hasn’t really been that great.In the Windows 8 era, though, Microsoft wants to change that. Skype is just one part of the overall strategy, but the hope is that soon you’ll have one account that you use to chat with friends on your game console, on your computer, on your smartphone, and on your tablet.According to The Verge, the official “retirement” of Windows Live Messenger will happen as early as this week.via The Vergelast_img read more