Wanted: Brasenose JCR Committee

first_imgBrasenose college JCR received no nominations for Executive positions in the run up to its annual elections.There were no applicants for the positions of JCR President, Vice President and Treasurer for 2011 by the deadline at midnight this Monday.Returning Officer Rebecca Hill, who is organising this year’s JCR elections, said that she had been “surprised by the lack of enthusiasm” and that it was “unusual”.JCR President Paul Gladwell agreed, “Having no nominations was disappointing, but I think it reflects that people are apprehensive about taking on such a time commitment. Also, people often just don’t want to run and lose.”The news has caused concerns about the fate of the JCR among some Brasenose students, and one second year student suggested the lack of applicants was the result of negative student opinion about the JCR.He said, “As the Cashmore affair proved, the JCR is toothless and that maybe a reason why people are not running.“It’s a shame that no one put themselves forward originally and any one that does the job probably does not want to do it out of conviction. This is not what we want from our JCR.” However, Gladwell dismissed the comments, saying that this is “a ridiculous idea that devalues both the good relations between the JCR and the SCR and college staff and the respectful and casual student atmosphere at Brasenose.”The application deadline was extended to Wednesday night and Gladwell confirmed that there have now been multiple applicants for each position.He said, “What is good is that we now have some solid candidates who are keen to build on what the JCR has already achieved.”last_img

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