RESEARCH AMONG RENTERS: Guests are greeted with brochures, water and wine, rarely with indigenous brandy and souvenirs

first_imgThe goal of research and education of private landlords regarding their engagement in the preparation of small signs of attention is not to direct landlords to additional investments of money and time, but in the timely sharing of signs of attention that will remain in the guest’s lasting memory. Small tokens of attention are not only valuable gifts, but also intangible tokens of attention such as good information or advice. When asked about the practice of the so-called guest service in private accommodation 96% of respondents answered that they are able to personally welcome guests upon their arrival and 94% are able to contact them on a daily basis. Only three percentage points lower share of private renters who are able to personally greet / accompany guests, which indicates exceptional engagement. The research sample consists of 62% of respondents who rent a building on the coast, while the most common types of buildings for rent are apartments (59%), holiday homes (26%) and studio apartments (11%). “Renters try to leave a good impression on guests, and the big advantage is that as many as 80% of respondents live near the building. Namely, due to the proximity, they can achieve better communication and be in daily contact with their guests. “, said Trošt Lesić and added that the results of the survey show that more than 50% of renters in some way remain in contact with guests after their departure. The purpose of the research was to analyze the condition and practice of preparing small signs of attention during the arrival and departure of guests in private accommodation. Namely, the desire is to improve the guest experience by developing new services to provide support to renters and it was anonymous, which means that the data are used only in bulk form for statistical processing, so individual responses are not analyzed. The online survey lasted from 1 to 31 December 2019, and during that time a total of 330 surveys were collected. The results of the field research showed that the vast majority of respondents prepare a small token of attention for guests upon arrival, most often destination information (78%), water or juice (70%) and a bottle of wine (50%). On the other hand, a much smaller share of private renters prepare a small token of attention when guests leave, most often a bottle of brandy or some other domestic alcohol (32%) or an indigenous souvenir (24%). According to the words Klara Trošt Lesić, PhD, which conducted the survey, the following results were expected: Although the practice of serving guests and the results of research in the field of economics and psychology show that small signs of attention can affect the memorable experience of guests, the results showed that private renters in the sample moderately agree (average score 3,67) with the claim that small signs of attention the arrival or departure of guests affect the increase of their satisfaction with the stay. The analysis of guest behavior has proven that the key moments in the arrival and departure of guests, when employees in tourism, but also other service activities, can strongly influence the experience of guests. If this impact is designed, tailored to the specifics of the destination or the person renting, a small token of attention can leave a mark in the memory that will last for years.last_img

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