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first_img– Robert Gilbert Van Nuys The iron law Re: “Our so-called life” (March 22): When was the law of supply and demand repealed? If the population increases and jobs do not increase to keep pace, wages go down. If the population increases and the availability of housing does not increase, the cost of housing goes up. If employers who offer high paying jobs leave, the average wage goes down. – John Reynolds Canoga Park Brand A is Brand B Re: “Recall has worried pet owners rushing to vets” (March 12): Well, seems even dogs can’t trust the labels. The recent Menu Foods’ recall showed that despite over 60 different labels the dog food is manufactured at the same place. Walmart dog food is the same as Science Diet, I guess. Luckily, not many of the millions of pets were adversely effected by the new gluten ingredient. The recall does make you wonder as to human food, though. Are all soups really made by Campbells? Are all cereals made by General Foods? If it is all the same, why do we pay more? Apples are apples, right? These revelations make it clear that what is Brand A is also Brand B, whether it is dog food or human food. Of course, our animals won’t know the difference between one brand and another, but will we have to learn some new tricks. – Leigh Datzker Woodland Hills No, Virginia, there … Re: “Iconic holiday parade canceled” (March 23): What makes the cancellation of the annual holiday event a particular shame is not only its unfortunate timing: now that Hollywood is upscaling with all those million-dollar condos under construction around Hollywood and Vine. The real problem is that it gives the fundamentalists ammunition in their charge that wicked, secularist Hollywood has declared “war” on Christmas. (Maybe the Christians would be willing to underwrite a new parade, replacing Santa with a manger scene featuring Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks as Mary and Joseph.) Bah humbug, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. And we thought Santa’s Village closing several years ago was bad enough. – Kevin Dawson Tujunga Not-so-hidden agenda Re: “Apartment planner trying to build case” (March 21): What a smoke screen. Another huge multi-family project is planned for Warner Center. Yet our city officials are only concerned about “affordable rents” and imposes this as a means to mitigate traffic. Please, don’t insult our intelligence. Oh, and they also want a $1 million traffic fee. That will work. What a joke. The only way to mitigate our ever-worsening traffic congestion is to stop development. And no one seems to be worrying about our dwindling water supplies. We are all going to be out of water and out of driving space. We are being sold down the dry L.A. River by our tax revenue hungry politicos with their not-so-hidden agendas. – Bill Hamburg Woodland Hills Integrity? Re: “Police union tries sticking us up again” (Their Opinions, March 20): Bernard Parks said, “only 15 percent of the officers live and can vote in the City of Los Angeles.” That’s not a requirement of an officer. Parks suggests the city should use Reagan’s playbook and fire officers who don’t sign the financial disclosure. Good luck. There isn’t an agency in the world that would turn away 600 LAPD-trained gang or narcotics officers. Parks transgressions: excluded then D.A. Garcetti’s office from Rampart investigation material, refused to meet Connie Rice and the Rampart Review Panel. Try to remember, Bernie, “Integrity In All We Say and Do.” – Jeff Lovick Hawthorne Marijuana issues Personally, I don’t believe in drug use. It But there comes a time to face facts. Marijuana is not going away. Rumor has it that marijuana is the number one crop in the USA. It goes by unchecked and untaxed. Who’s paying for all the rehab people need? Maybe we should legalize Marijuana and tax it the same way we tax cigarettes and liquor. – Michael Riboloff Reseda Anything but Paris Say it isn’t so! The Daily News has apparently joined the ranks of The Globe, Star, and the other trash papers with a front page photo of the queen of vapidity, and a large one at that. There must be someone who has actually accomplished something in life that is more deserving. How about Karl Rove, or the porn queen who is relegated to the back pages. Please, anything but Paris Hilton. – Mike Belson Studio City Do as I say I would have more confidence in what Al Gore has to say about the environment if he practiced what he preached. Gore wants us all to ride our bikes and drive hybrids, but according to your article yesterday, Mr. Gore left the Washington hotel where he addressed an audience on the perils of global warming, in a Lincoln Town Car, which gets about nine miles to the gallon. Gore also owns more than one home, and his home in Tennessee has twenty rooms and nine bathrooms. I think he has a political agenda, and likes to dictate to others what he won’t do himself. – Marsha Roseman Van Nuys Such a deal Wow, what a deal! President Bush offered to let White House officials testify privately, provided they can lie and later deny what they said – i.e., no oath or transcripts. – Ernst F. Ghermann Winnetka Snow job Has anyone noticed the deft dancing around the subject that Tony Snow has shown his former press associates on the refusal to allow White House associates to testify? It is a truly professional “Snow-job.” – Hal Rattner Santa Clarita Scheduling conflict? Tell me why, oh why did the street cleaning crew changed their cleaning date to Tuesdays? That’s our trash pick-up day. – Joy Stovall Woodland Hills Studio City Stop preaching Re: “Mayor’s dropout plan only looks new” (March 22): Maybe our mayor should add these to his nine: Stop preaching “you have to go to college to be successful.” Hold the teachers and instructors to the same standards he proposes for the principals and administrators. Bring back the shop classes, Auto, Machine, Electrical and Woodworking. There are many students who would never have the grades for college who could be trained to fill jobs in these fields. The public is tired of paying for shoddy work, performed by unqualified workers who work under a Contractors License. Re: “Boycott LAX-area hotels” (March 23): I have to keep pinching myself to see if I’m dreaming, do we live in socialist times? Is the government telling private business what to pay their workers? Is the government actively trying to re-direct business away from those who don’t follow their commands? This is the City Council you people voted for – this pathetic legislative body, the highest paid elected officials in the Country. There is so much wrong with this system, its hard to start but suffice it to say, we can’t roll over on this – this new wave of socialism led by Eric Garcetti needs to be stopped. – Kim Greene last_img

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