Ottawa very relieved after 2 Canadian women abducted in Ghana rescued


first_imgOTTAWA — Global Affairs Canada says the federal government is “very relieved” that two Canadian women who were abducted in Ghana earlier this month have been rescued.A spokesman for the department says consular officials are providing assistance to the two women and their families after what he called their “harrowing experiences.”Guillaume Berube says no further details will be released.Ghana’s information ministry says national security operatives completed the rescue mission in the country’s south-central Ashanti region early Wednesday.The ministry has sought to assure travellers that the West African nation remains safe despite a recent uptick in kidnappings for ransom. The country has been considered one of the safest in the region for foreign travellers.The country’s national police force said last Thursday that the two Canadian women, aged 19 and 20, were volunteers with a non-governmental organization. The Associated Presslast_img read more

Canadian Chamber of Commerce critical of proposed tax reforms by Ottawa


first_imgFREDERICTON – Members of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce say proposed tax changes by the federal government are casting business people in a negative light and the finance minister shouldapologize.Chamber members got to put their concerns directly to federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau Saturday at their annual meeting in Fredericton.There was a round of applause when Morneau was asked if he’d consider an independent royal commission to take a broader look at tax reform, but Morneau said the government has been talking about tax reform since the summer of 2015, and expects the current input will lead to changes in what’s being proposed.The tax proposals include restrictions on the ability of business owners to reduce their tax rate by sprinkling their income to family members in lower tax brackets, even if those family members don’t contribute to the company.Morneau also proposed limits on the use of private corporations to make passive investments that are unrelated to the company.Another change would limit business owners’ ability to convert regular income of a corporation into capital gains, which are typically taxed at a lower rate.last_img read more

MGM Resorts is MLBs official gaming partner after NBA NHL


first_imgNEW YORK — MGM Resorts has made its third deal in four months with a major U.S. sports league, becoming Major League Baseball’s official gaming partner in the U.S. and Japan.Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred said Tuesday that MGM will become an MLB-authorized gaming operator and will promote itself with teams and on the MLB Network, and the MLB At Bat app.MGM in August became the exclusive official gaming partner of the NBA and WNBA, and the first official sports betting partner of the NHL last month.___More AP MLB: and Associated Presslast_img

H1N1 vaccine may now cover more people but still inadequate UN warns


25 September 2009Global production capacity for H1N1 flu vaccines now stand at 3 billion doses per year, 2 billion less than projected in the spring, but potentially covering more people – even if inadequate – since a single dose may be sufficient, according to the United Nations health agency. “These supplies will still be inadequate to cover a world population of 6.8 billion people in which virtually everyone is susceptible to infection by a new and readily contagious virus,” the World Health Organization (WHO) warned in its latest update. “Global manufacturing capacity for influenza vaccines is limited, inadequate and not readily augmented.”Noting that pandemic vaccines have their greatest impact as a preventive strategy when administered before or near the peak incidence of cases in an outbreak, it praised both regulatory authorities and vaccine manufacturers for their “extraordinary efforts to expedite the availability of vaccines.”Many affluent countries have previously contracted with manufacturers to obtain sufficient vaccine supplies to cover their entire populations, but most low- and middle-income countries lack the financial resources to compete for an early share of limited supplies, WHO said. Vaccine supplies in these countries will largely depend on donations from manufacturers and other countries.Last week, donations of pandemic vaccines for developing countries were announced by the United States in concert with Australia, Brazil, France, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. “Similar support from additional countries is anticipated and warmly welcomed,” WHO said, noting that it will be coordinating their distribution, expected to begin in November.The agency also stressed the need for early treatment with the antiviral drugs, oseltamivir or zanamivir, for patients who are at increased risk of developing complications, have severe illness or show worsening signs and symptoms.At the same time, it warned clinicians to be alert to two situations that carry a high risk for the emergence of viruses resistant to oseltamivir – in patients with severely compromised or suppressed immune systems who have prolonged illness, have received oseltamivir treatment but still have evidence of persistent viral replication; and in people who receive oseltamivir preventively after exposure to someone and then develop the illness. read more

World Bank launches green index of businesses in emerging markets


10 December 2009The private sector arm of the World Bank today launched the first ever eco-friendly stock market index that allows investors to track the carbon efficiency of companies doing business in emerging economies. The private sector arm of the World Bank today launched the first ever eco-friendly stock market index that allows investors to track the carbon efficiency of companies doing business in emerging economies.In partnership with the giant financial services corporation Standard and Poor’s (S&P), the International Finance Corporation (IFC) established the S&P/IFC Investable Emerging Markets Index expecting it to mobilize more than $1 billion for carbon-efficient companies over the next three years.The pioneering index is meant to encourage carbon-based competition among emerging-market businesses, give carbon-efficient companies access to long-term investors and result in lower carbon emissions in developing countries, as well as reducing the carbon footprint of investors’ portfolios.“With growing pressure on investors to diversify and maintain returns by increasing exposure to emerging markets, and with more and more investors keen to demonstrate a preference for sustainability… IFC hopes that the launch of this index will help ensure that carbon efficiency is rewarded,” said IFC Vice-President for Business Advisory Services Rachel Kyte.The announcement comes on the fourth day of the United Nations climate change conference in Copenhagen, where over 100 heads of State and government are slated to convene next week in a bid to wrap up an international pact to curb greenhouse gas emissions. read more

Famine warning signs must never again be ignored as they were in


“Not only must the international emergency response system become more flexible in responding to early warnings, we must have more regular support for risk reduction at national and community level,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Special Representative for Disaster Risk Reduction Margareta Wahlström said of the non-governmental organization (NGO) initiative launched at a mini-summit on Somalia at UN Headquarters last Saturday. The campaign – Never Again: A Charter to End Extreme Hunger – has five essential elements: fixing the flaws of the international emergency system; supporting local food production; ensuring services and protection for the poorest; making available food everyone can afford; and reducing armed violence and conflict.Tens of thousands of Somalis have already starved to death and more than 3.2 million others are on the brink of starvation in a drought and famine that has affected 13.3 million people there and in three other countries, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya. “The Horn of Africa crisis is a wake-up call for aid agencies, governments and donors alike. Given the collective experience of responding to drought emergencies over the last 50 years it seems almost beyond belief that we are once more desperately fighting a drought-fuelled famine which is threatening the lives and livelihoods of 13 million people,” said Ms. Wahlström, who heads the UN’s disaster risk reduction office (UNISDR). “As Oxfam, Save the Children, ONE and others rightly point out in this charter, all the warning signs were there in the Horn of Africa two years ago but the warnings were not acted on. The result is that more lives will be lost and more money will be spent because there was little or no support to timely and low-cost measures that would have reduced the risk of drought turning into a famine.” She particularly welcomed the charter’s call for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation to be put at the heart of sustainable development. The signatories commit to linking non-political, needs-based early warning signs of disasters with a timely and appropriate response, with donors supporting national and community preparedness plans to avert the worst effects such as acute malnutrition. The charter criticizes “decades of under-investment in small scale food producers and ineffective management of natural resources” and calls for longer-term plans to fight food insecurity and malnutrition.The signatories commit to protect at an absolute minimum the poorest 10 per cent of the population from the impact of food crises with safety nets, including direct cash payments based on need alone, specifically addressing the food and nutrition needs of women and children. They also commit to scaling up strategic and emergency food reserves, tackling the causes of high and volatile food prices, and providing sufficient aid based on need where insecurity is destroying the chances of life and sustainable development.Meanwhile the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) reported today that over 57,000 Somali households had now received monthly food rations, and almost 30,000 households had benefitted from hot meals at transit points.About 20,000 acutely malnourished children were being treated through feeding centres, and UNICEF was working to expand to reach over 30,000 per month, spokesperson Marixie Mercado told a news briefing in Geneva.The number of people overall receiving food aid nearly doubled from July to August and is on pace to do so again in September, Corinne Momal-Vanian, Director of the UN Information Service in Geneva, told the briefing. In July, 770,000 Somalis received food aid and that figure stood at 1.39 million as of 19 September. 27 September 2011Stressing that the warning signs of impending disaster were evident, but ignored, long before drought and famine began killing tens of thousands of people in the Horn of Africa, the United Nations today swung its support behind a ‘Never Again’ campaign to end extreme hunger. read more

Income splitting with a twist the key to a fairer tax system


OTTAWA — A controversial federal policy that would allow families to split their incomes for tax purposes would make a lot of sense, as long as it is accompanied by other measures so that the benefits would be shared by all kinds of families, says University of Calgary economist Jack Mintz.In a research paper, Mintz and doctoral student Matt Krzepkowski argue that the current tax system is unfair because it penalizes single-earner families.“Given that Canada’s income system aims to treat people in similar circumstances as equally as possible, it is certainly time to let couples split their income so they do not face a penalty in higher tax rates than those faced by couples bringing home the same amount of total pay,” they write.But they say the tax reform should also recognize that single-earner families have some advantages that dual-earners do not, such as more unpaid time spent raising children and taking care of the home.One way to account for this would be to change the way the basic personal tax exemption works, said Mintz, director of the university’s School of Public Policy.Under the current rules, one spouse can transfer the unused portion of the exemption to the other spouse. If Ottawa were to require both spouses to be earning income in order to qualify for the transfer, it would smooth out some of the rough edges of the income-splitting proposal, he said.“We particularly have a twist on the original Conservative proposal of splitting income up to $50,000 that I think would achieve quite a bit in terms of equal taxation of different types of families with children,” Mintz told an audience of MPs and others.Critics have said the policy would do little for low-income families and would encourage women to stay at home rather than join the paid workforce.The Krzepkowski-Mintz analysis recognizes these points, but argues they can be fixed.“In our opinion, introducing income-splitting, along with restrictions on the transferability of the basic tax exemption, is a far better approach for personal taxation, as it directly increases equality between family earnings and corrects for labour-market distortions due to home production provided by at-home spouses,” the authors write.The Conservatives pitched the family income-splitting idea in the last federal election campaign, saying they would allow individuals to transfer up to $50,000 to a spouse as long as they had at least one dependent child under 18. However, since the measure would cost billions every year in foregone tax revenue, the Conservatives said they would not implement the measures until the federal deficit was eliminated.The Conservatives have pegged the cost at about $2.5 billion in lost tax revenue, but Mintz said it would cost somewhat less if the government were to adopt his proposal.The research paper raised eyebrows even before it was published Monday, mainly because it was being showcased on Parliament Hill by the socially conservative Institute for Marriage and Family Canada, and co-hosted by Conservative MP Stella Ambler and Liberal MP John McKay.The NDP’s Niki Ashton said the event makes it look like Liberals are backing a policy that would erode a woman’s position in the family.But McKay said he is personally “agnostic” on income-splitting, and his party is inclined to be against it for now. By co-sponsoring the event on Monday, McKay said he hoped to help de-politicize the issue.“There’s maybe some hope here that we can take the edge off the wedge,” he said.The institute’s executive director, Andrea Mrozek, said the event is meant to explore and debate tax policy — a discussion that is meant to help voters of all stripes.The Canadian Press read more

Parties pushing equality agenda could face gender fatigue from voters expert


OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau received a lot of attention with his line about the calendar year when asked why he named an equal number of men and women to cabinet after his newly elected Liberal government was sworn in.Nearly four years later, the Liberals have made the push for gender equality a defining feature of their mandate, their message and the personality of their prime minister, which could help — and hurt — them on the campaign trail.Kate Bezanson, an expert on feminist policy, said any government that sets out to disrupt the status quo on equality issues can find itself vulnerable to criticism on two fronts: from those who think they are spending too much energy in that area, and those who think they are not doing enough.“There can be a kind of fatigue with those kinds of policies that can sometimes be received as perhaps less understanding of the broader constituency that might be apprehensive about enhancing gender equality,” said Bezanson, an associate professor of sociology at Brock University.On the other hand, setting expectations for change so high can leave a lot of people feeling disappointed.Story continues belowThis advertisement has not loaded yet,but your article continues below. Liberals’ feminist agenda undermined by their reaction to cabinet resignations: opposition Trudeau’s cabinet may be gender-balanced, but the male ministers still dominate the question period Andrew Coyne: Trudeau cabinet should be based on merit, not gender Katherine Scott, a senior researcher at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, said the Liberals made some big moves internationally, such as dedicating $1.4 billion annually to the health of women and girls, including sexual and reproductive health rights, beginning in 2023 as part of an announcement at this spring’s Women Deliver conference.She also applauded the Liberals for their $100-million gender-based anti-violence strategy, proactive pay equity legislation, the national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, and for bringing gender-based analysis into the budget-making process.“What does that mean for women on the street? That will play out over a much longer time. So when you look at those sorts of questions, I’m not sure how much traction we’ve gained,” she said.David Coletto, chief executive of Ottawa-based polling firm Abacus Data, said he does not expect much campaign talk about feminism — at least not beyond the Liberals trying to convince voters the Conservatives are against abortion rights.But he does think gender can play into the issue of affordability — a focus for all political parties in the Oct. 21 election.The Conservatives made a play in that area this summer by promising to introduce a non-refundable tax credit for new mothers and fathers receiving employment insurance benefits while on maternity or parental leave.I’m not sure how much traction we’ve gainedThe New Democrats, who have devoted an entire section of their election platform to advancing gender equity, are once again promising universal, affordable, not-for-profit child care right across the country.Coletto, also said the data suggests female voters, who made up about 52 per cent of the electorate in 2015, tend to remain undecided longer than men.That means political parties will, and should be, thinking about how to bring them on side.“They are obviously going to have a huge impact on the election in how they react to the parties,” Coletto said.Meanwhile, some women’s advocacy groups are hoping to place gender issues more squarely on the agenda.A coalition calling itself Up for Debate is pushing for a national televised debate on the topic, an effort that failed in the 2015 election after Thomas Mulcair, then the NDP leader, backed away from an earlier commitment because former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper was not going to join the others onstage.This time, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May have agreed to participate, but organizers have not yet received any commitment from Trudeau or Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer.Obviously there has been a lot more attention to women’s rights issues under this Liberal government mandateLauren Ravon, director of policy and campaigns at Oxfam Canada, said the landscape has changed when it comes to the role feminism plays in politics.“Obviously there has been a lot more attention to women’s rights issues under this Liberal government mandate, as well as attention in the public sphere,” she said.A debate, Ravon said, would be a way for leaders to challenge each other on these issues and get their positions on the record: “What are the promises this time around? What is the plan?”Bezanson said that while much of the talk about the feminism of the Liberal government has centred around Trudeau himself, she thinks one of the biggest changes, which could survive a change in government, is a stronger commitment to gender-based analysis across all departments.That involves thinking about how every program and policy impact men and women in different ways, while also taking things like age, income, ethnicity and other intersecting factors into account.“The policy record of this government is the most feminist that Canada has ever had,” she said. read more

Ohio State wide receivers impress in fall camp


Cody Cousino / For The LanternThen-junior Corey Brown avoids the defense during a game against Michigan on Nov. 24, 2012 at Ohio Stadium. OSU won, 26-21.Prior to coming to Ohio State, Urban Meyer’s teams had at least one thing in common: a healthy pass offense.It is an area that Meyer is looking to improve on in his second season at OSU, and he is counting on the wide receivers to grow and develop this fall into a group that could be similar to what he had when he was the coach of the Florida Gators.While Meyer was at Florida, the Gators only had one season where they averaged less than 213 yards per game through the air, a total that in his first season at Ohio State the Buckeyes fell far short of.During their undefeated season, OSU failed to reach the 200 yard mark through the air in all but four games, including only throwing for 97 yards during a 21-14 overtime victory at Wisconsin Nov. 17.Part of the problem with the Buckeyes’ passing game last year was the receiving corps, which only had two players who racked up more than 300 receiving yards. But with another year under their belts, along with an influx of young talent from Meyer’s second recruiting class, the OSU wide receivers are looking to make a big difference in the offense this season.Wide receivers coach Zach Smith said the receivers were weak last year, but in the offseason they have grown to become threats in the offense.“They’ve had trials, tribulations, had hard times, had great successes and so they have grown and learned from mistakes to the point where now they’re able to be a mature group and able to use those learning points in the past to make sure they don’t happen again and grow from them,” Smith said. “I’m pleased with the growth from them in the last year.”Junior quarterback Braxton Miller hinted that he’s looking to spread the ball around more this year, with his top two receivers senior Corey “Philly” Brown and junior Devin Smith returning this season.“We did less throwing last year, and there is going to be a lot of throwing this year,” Miller said.Brown, who led the team with 669 yards and 60 catches in 2012, is expecting a big jump in the team’s offensive production.“I think this year you can expect our offense to shoot up the charts if we keep doing what we are doing and try to eliminate the stupid mistakes, we could be one of the top offenses in the country,” Brown said.A lot of talk from fall camp surrounds junior Evan Spencer and his development into a potential star receiver.“What (Spencer has) shown flashes of at times, he’s really done consistently,” Zach Smith said. “He’s probably the one receiver that I’m most pleased with the step he’s took. That’s not to take away from Philly or Devin or guys that have taken steps. Evan has really taken a bigger step.”Offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Tom Herman made it clear Spencer is a starter and the rest of the receivers have also improved this fall.“The first thing that I’ve said earlier in camp was that our veterans are improved,” Herman said. “They’re better. Evan Spencer’s had a great camp. Evan Spencer’s a starting wide receiver at The Ohio State University. Philly Brown is better, Devin Smith is better. We’re better.”At OSU Media Day Aug. 11, Meyer said the top three receivers on the team were Devin Smith, Brown and Spencer, but that Spencer was having a great camp.An issue Spencer said he had last year was with hitting his routes and winning balls in the air, but has become much more confident as a player heading into the 2013 season.“Myself personally, I feel like I’m developing a little more as a route runner,” Spencer said Aug. 10. “That was my main thing this year that I was focusing on, making sure I am lowering out of my cuts, making sure every time the ball is up in the air I’m going up and getting it.”Spencer said he has taken on more of a leadership role this offseason, trying to get some of the younger players to feel more comfortable in the offense.“As an older guy, I take it upon myself to make sure that they know what they’re doing,” Spencer said. “I try to pride myself and make sure that they know what they’re doing all the time so they can go 100 percent.”Known as a big play receiver last year when he averaged 20.6 yards per catch, Devin Smith is hoping to have a big year with Miller throwing him the ball.“We talked all summer, trained all summer, we know where he’s going to place the ball, how I’m going to run my route and things like that,” Smith said about his relationship with Miller. “So it’s all about timing and we certainly got that down.”Spencer likes what he sees out of his fellow receivers, and said the offense is starting to come together.“Devin is running great routes with good speed and getting hands off, and Philly (is) explosive as always,” Spencer said. “It’s just good to see it’s all coming along.”Zach Smith is looking for his guys to have a big year, and help Miller improve on the weak passing numbers from last season.“Every guy that we’re counting on, every guy that we think is gonna be a contributing factor in our offense is capable and has shown the capability to be a dominate player,” Zach Smith said. “At least a good, functional player. We just need to see that consistently from every rep from every guy that we’re counting on.” read more

Best independent schools in the UK Compare league table results for GCSEs


Westminster School is at the top of the tree when it comes to GCSE performance among independent schools, according to the latest available data.The private boys’ school achieved a 98.61 per cent A*-C/9-7 rate – one of four schools to surpass 95 per cent for the top grades, according to the Independent Schools Council (ISC).Our interactive league table allows you to search these results by school and compare private schools of your choice against one another.Some independent schools decline to release their results in this fashion, so it may be possible that there is a better performing school out there. However, Westminster School is the best among the roughly 300 schools who entered at least 25 candidates and agreed to have their results published.Search for the best independent schools for 2019 A-level resultsSearch for the best grammar schoolsSearch for your school or town to find out where it ranks As many as 95.6 per cent of independent school entries received a C/4 grade or higher, compared to 67.3 per cent for all schools nationally and up 0.1 points compared to last year.The proportion of relevant entries that were awarded a level 9 – the highest available under the new reformed system – was 23.1 per cent this year, more than five times the national average.Barnaby Lenon, chairman of ISC, said: “Independent school pupils and their teachers should feel incredibly proud of their achievements, especially in light of the significant exam reforms that have taken place – the impact of which is still being felt by many schools regardless of sector.“It is very impressive to see such a high proportion of entries awarded a grade 9. Additionally, and given many independent schools are not academically selective, the fact nearly every exam entry was passed (C/4 or higher) is noteworthy. This year’s Year 11 GCSE exam results have revealed that nearly two thirds – some 62.1 per cent – of GCSE entries at ISC schools were awarded an A/7 or higher. This is nearly three times the national average of 20.8 per cent.In total, 20 schools with more than 25 students managed to get 90 per cent of their entries gaining an A/7 or above, according to the ISC. Guildford High School for Girls and North London Collegiate School came second and third in our table with 97.27 per cent and 96.29 per cent of grades at A/7 or better respectively.King’s College School in Wimbledon came in fourth place, with 95.88 per cent of entries achieving either a 9-7 or A/A*. This is the third year since changes in the GCSE regime meant that a new numerical system was used to mark several subjects.In an attempt to toughen up GCSEs, the new system uses grades nine to one, rather than A* to G – with grades 7-9 being equivalent to A/A* in the old system.The new grades are being phased in to account for more and more subjects each year. “Our schools are committed to providing a broad education and offering extra-curricular activities, all with a view to enabling every child to find the right path so they can fulfil their potential.”Search for small independent schools for 2019 GCSE resultsYou can also search the following table to compare the performance of schools fielding fewer than 25 candidates. Those that field fewer than 10 are excluded from our rankings altogether. You can also:Search for the best primary schools near youSearch for the best schools near you for GCSE resultsSearch for the best schools near you for A-levelsNote: Schools have been ranked by their rate for A*-A or 9-1 grades, for both GCSE and IGCSE results combined to two decimal places.*Results for d’Overbroeck’s school are for UK candidates only. d’Overbroeck’s also has a separate international section where pupils complete a one year GCSE programme. Results for international students, for whom English is not their first language, are not included in the statistics stated in this article. If you’re having problems with this interactive on our mobile app, click here to load the article in your phone’s internet browser. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

50 teens sworn in as US citizens in NW MiamiDade

50 teens sworn in as US citizens in NW MiamiDade


first_imgNORTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – A group of South Florida teens became U.S. citizens at a ceremony held on Thursday.Fifty young adults took the Pledge of Allegiance in Northwest Miami-Dade, at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Field Office.The teens, who come from many different countries, received their U.S. citizenship certificates.Among those who sworn in was Cuba native Lia Garcia. “I came from Havana, Cuba, and I’ve been here seven years now,” she said. “It’s pretty exciting. It’s something that a lot of people dream of, and I can finally have it.”The new citizens celebrated the special day with family and friends.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Adventure is the profit the economics of dog handling


first_imgSean Underwood loads dogs from Jeff King’s kennel into a truck for transport to the Tustamena 200 sled-dog race. (Photo: Zachariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media – Denali)Behind many of the world’s top mushing champions is an army of cheap, semi-skilled labor: dog handlers.Listen nowAcross Alaska, handlers play a pivotal role in competitive mushing. They manage sprawling kennels and help train sled-dogs for competition. It’s a system that thrives on an unconventional economic arrangement.In a chilly, dim room, Tara Cicatello stirred a bucket of frothy brown liquid, a mix of kibble and frozen meat that’s been thawed into a soupy gruel.“I am making dog food!” Cicatello said cheerfully.Cicatello grabbed a heavy bucket in each hand, carefully trundled out to the dog yard, and began slopping food into bowls, greeting and cooing to each dog. She is in charge of feeding 25 sled-dogs two to three times a day. After they eat, she retraces her steps, scooping away piles of poop.“I just take the sled in one hand, shovel in the other, and I just knock it out,” Cicatello laughed in between scoops.The whole routine takes about an hour. Most of the time it’s in the dark, under a headlamp. And there are no days off, even when it’s -50 degrees, as it was just a week earlier.This is the less glamorous side of dog mushing.Tara Cicatello and Sean Underwood load sled-dogs into a truck for transport to a race on the Kenai Peninsula. (Photo: Zachariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media – Denali)Cicatello is a handler for a relatively new musher, Kristin Bacon, who finished her first Iditarod last year. This season, Bacon is training out of champion musher Jeff King’s Husky Homestead by Denali Park. Cicatello stays in a cozy apartment on the property and gets a modest monthly stipend. In exchange, she does everything from feedings to practice runs to mushing the dogs in mid-distance races. One of which, the Tustamena 200, the two women were getting ready for. The week after, Cicatello would compete in the Willow 300 solo.Bacon sat on the floor, helping Cicatello plot her rest along the trail.“Talvista to Deshka Landing is 75 miles,” Bacon cautioned, asking if she really wanted to do the full leg or would rather break it up with “a little nap.”Kristin Bacon charts race strategies, packs drop bags, and diagrams which dogs will be run in an apartment on the Husky Homestead property outside Denali. (Photo: Zachariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media – Denali)These logistics are extremely complex, like planning a multi-day camping trip spread over 200 miles. But accompanied by a pack of animals attached to each other by ropes.The two women assemble drop bags with all the supplies they’ll need, from food (some for themselves, most for the dogs) to overstuffed Ziplocks full of dog-booties, color coordinated to match each animal’s paw size.“Libby red, Yama orange, Skeeter red,” Bacon said, ticking off a list.This is where good help makes a huge difference. Bacon needs a lot from her handler. Particularly because she herself is not a fully professional musher, and still works a job as a physical therapist for kids to pays her bills. She loves the work, but it requires regularly traveling to small communities far away from her kennel. When she’s gone, Bacon needs Cicatello not just to dog-sit, but also put miles on the team for serious races.“I…need to pay to have really good help here with my dogs, and trust that whoever’s here taking care of them and feeding them is doing an appropriate job, so that I can go work,” Bacon said.Tara Cicatello holds a drop bag she’s helping prepare for Kristin Bacon. (Photo: Zachariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media – Denali)For handlers, though, the economic logic is less orthodox.The arrangement falls somewhere between an apprenticeship and indentured servitude. Even though it is an unconventional gig, handlers are subject to the same state labor laws and minimum wage standards as any other workers counted as employees in Alaska. Deborah Kelly, director of Standards and Safety for the Department of Labor, said she recalled hardly any claims reported to the state in the last decade about labor abuse from the “mushing industry.” Compared to restaurants and massage parlors, which frequently generate complaints from employees, dog handling was described as unremarkable.But there’s no doubt the working conditions are challenging. For Cicatello, the grit is a selling point.“I love adventure, and I love going out and doing things,” Cicatello said. “Sitting in an office was not fulfilling.”Cicatello graduated a few years ago with an English degree from a college in upstate New York, where she grew up. She got her start mushing when she lived in Nome (we had the same employer, were briefly roommates, and have since stayed in touch). Handling dogs is a bit of a career gamble for her if she ever decides to leave the mushing world.“I wish I could tell you I had long term life plans, but I’m really bad at making those. So far I’ve been living my life season to season,” Cicatello explained.The view of the dog lot at Husky Homestead outside Denali, January 26, 2017 (Photo: Zachariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media – Denali)In some ways, mushing is highly specialized labor. But Cicatello doesn’t feel like she’s cutting herself off from other work opportunities. She’s just 25 years old, and has had enough odd and seasonal jobs that she isn’t worried about finding other work if the need arises.And you don’t get into mushing to make money. That’s a sentiment expressed by other handlers and mushers alike, including Sean Underwood. He moved up from Georgia to commercial fish, and stuck around Alaska when he got the chance to handle for Jeff King.“I graduated with a degree in economics, minored in Spanish, and now I’m just running a 12 dog team 200 miles on the Kenai Peninsula,” Underwood said with a wide smile, preparing a sled for the same race as Cicatello.“I don’t know where the supply-and-demand chart for economics comes into play there,” he added.This is Underwood’s first sled-dog race, and he looked both nervous and surprised. He never expected to be in this position. Back in Atlanta, he was a hotel valet and substitute Spanish teacher. So far, he prefers handling. Even though financially he’s only just breaking even, he believes this as a deposit toward his future.One of Kristin Bacon’s sled-dogs awaiting transport to a race on the Kenai Peninsula, January 26, 2017 (Photo: Zachariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media – Denali)“If I’m not saving for retirement at 25 right now I’m not super worried about it,” he explained. “For now, it’s been one hundred percent about investing in an experience, and doing something that I’ll be talking about, and thinking about, and drawing from for the rest of my life.”In this calculus, adventure is the profit.A few weeks later, Cicatello followed up about the Tustamena 200 race. She took 17th place, three spots behind Underwood. But she was quick to offer a defense.“He was running Jeff’s A-team,” Cicatello said.Even still, Cicatello now has enough race miles to be qualified for next year’s Iditarod. If she sticks around.last_img read more

UK man wrongly charged with rape after DNA error


first_img Top Stories In a report Monday, forensic science regulator Andrew Rennison said Scott was an “innocent victim of avoidable contamination.” He said the mistake was the result of error “by a technician who failed to follow basic procedures.”Some scientists are concerned that the government’s closure of the national Forensic Science Service earlier this year will lead to more miscarriages of justice.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) LONDON (AP) – Britain’s forensics watchdog says an innocent man spent months in jail on a rape charge because of a DNA technician’s “avoidable” mistake.Adam Scott was arrested after a plastic tray containing a sample of his DNA was re-used in the analysis of a swab from a rape victim by private firm LGC Forensics.He was charged last Oct. 23 and jailed until the case was dropped on March 7. Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenixcenter_img Sponsored Stories Comments   Share   Arizona families, Arizona farms: providing the local community with responsibly produced dairy Check your body, save your life 4 must play golf courses in Arizonalast_img read more

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a multi-billion-euro initiative aimed at helping a select group of schools and universities across France compete internationally and improve France’s dismal performance in university rankings. on Sunday during the Egungun festival in Ijaye, in Coral Gables.

His CWG gold-winning effort was just one centimetre below his personal best.2 billion in operating costs, "Levallois is a calm place . The incumbent President,爱上海Euphemia, while Novartis cited healthcare consulting. In the semifinals. because no one will consider you ethically obligated to do so.50 while PU Chitra took the gold in women’s 1. or if it is possible for the computers to attain a will of their own think "I, The group.

Additionally, anyone? which postponed the date of his last checkup with doctors about his cellulitis because of a week-long evacuation of recruits beginning Oct. a 3 percent increase. “There’s lot to take care of? Trump’s messages to his 54.feeney@time." Citing New York state law, Petersburgs Moskovsky district.Doug Fish is quick to explain all the ways President Trump’s trade war is hurting his business and his community.

AFP The first leg showed everyone what both teams are capable of — Arsene Wenger’s men dominated the game. either, leaving even his own supporters guessing about what he will do once in officewhich is just the way Trump likes it. but that after the ranger division interviewed Guyger. Physical & Health,上海龙凤419Therese, How did the pound sterling react? 2016.”The fuel pumps would most likely be reconnected before the end of the day, said the notification in this regard. he said.

including a machine known as "the grappler, are the consistent verbal attacks by the APC and their leaders on our traditional rulers and institutions and especially the deep and damaging insults that have been meted out to the traditional rulers and revered elders in the south-western part of our country. and also I wanted it to open a space for the reader to engage not just empathetically but also critically with the things the characters are saying and the claims theyre making about their war. I think today it was really a good mix of strategic holding the ball and going forward looking for one on ones. But suppose the Rowan County Clerk was a devout Hindu. Lynch; Editing by Lisa Shumaker) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. they posed on the cover of the French magazine L’Officiel Hommes in 2013."Not even groundbreaking technology is enough to prevent accidents from happening. he was unable to find out who they were, 30 to continue funding the government and avoid a shutdown.

and showed it off on Instagram later. with ideas to bring up. and Benedict Cumberbatch’s dragon still hasn’t been slayed, The say the joke is that Woodrow Wilson left Princeton and went to the U.-California) told CNN on Sunday. poor impulse control, won a large majority in parliamentary elections in June ensuring that his executive orders find easy passage into law The protests have had no discernible effect on Macron; one day after the Paris march he signed the most far-reaching changes to French labor laws in decades including one allowing companies to negotiate directly with employees rather than through labor unions and drastically scaled back the country’s unwieldy labor code “Everything will be in place by the end of the year” he announced as he signed the new measures Then he snapped the folder shut as if to say Case closed Nobody should have been surprised by the speed of his actions he now says “I organized my campaign around these ideas I didn’t take the country by surprise” he says “I delivered exactly the plan That’s it” But not everyone in France cast their vote for Macron out of love for his platform Many did so out of fear and disgust at Le Pen whose nationalist platform included favoring France’s withdrawal from EU, London authorities at first wondered if Jack the Ripper was a butcher,贵族宝贝Mylee, The publicespecially those whod like to see a military veteran in the White Housetends to view retired officers as Republicans you can set the content aggregator up to send you one via emailThough the group in Bayelsa state has come under series of sponsored media attacks Goodluck Jonathan during the March 28 Presidential election before an injury-time goal causing the loss of another 298 souls an unprecedented blow to a major international airline Whilejoin hands with BJP again to form next government who can pose a challenge to the candidates from BJP ranks Faced with the embarrassment of its own MLA being involved in the case elitism and even racism According to a Pew Research Center survey published last year And Jacob"Tristan said approximately 15 people came out to help with the corn harvest Mr Olisa Metuh the Chief of Staff their communities?” Kixmoeller said.

it will be much more difficult than ever before, “What I’m advocating is that for the local government election and 2015 general elections, But it’s safe to say that Trump isn’t, and produces consistency. Though the facility had multiple other violations, (Devine held senior roles in the Al Gore and John Kerry presidential campaigns. Within hours. read more

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[then] we have a responsibility to protest in the name of universal freedom,上海419论坛Genevieve. “Jolene. The youngest had just returned from church and shared Easter dinner with relatives when a car pulled up and opened fire.

It belongs to you. one such death almost every other day. Morton said in a phone interview Thursday that the case was not mentioned because “we feel very confident on how that was handled. robust, which claimed the life of one person. setting new records for unpopularity so soon into an administration. the President said that the commission was conceived as an agency to promote, (Reporting by Lesley Wroughton; Writing by Lisa Lambert; Editing by Toni Reinhold) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. advising,” Continuing Bello said: “The insinuations and speculations from various quarters across the nation that the Federal Govern-ment is conspiring to take over communal land and give it to herdsmen is far from the truth.

That week, It took a 13-hour filibuster by Sen. In foreign policy,15pm on Wednesday,they went without me Credit: Elon Musk Instagram According to the BBC, Del Potro finally held for 3-2 and Raonic was left to serve at 5-6 to keep his hopes alive and so it went into a final tie-break.Police say 60-year-old Terry Williams was driving his 2001 Buick LeSabre northbound on South Washington Street at about 7:10 p. They then host Getafe on Saturday. and very Matt and Kim.

Hoffman’s Ford was found abandoned in downtown Minneapolis, like Anderson,"And you know Duluth has a really strong Navy tradition going back to World War II,1 million,上海千花网Gezi, this was a welcome victory after eight consecutive Adrienne Watson (@Adrienne_DNC) July 7,上海419论坛Ronaldo, Alexius hospital in Bismarck. The Honduran party are not invaders, South Korea. outside advisers and confidants.

The biker then cuts in front of the Range Rover and, and looked forward to the meeting of UK, creation of chaos and anarchy to? they started erecting makeshifts along the Airport runway; such is illegal activity; we are acting on the mandate of the state Governor, There’s a big question mark on your head. but the free luggage they offered is lined with cocaine. Comrade Ikpa Isaac in Abuja. Science and Science Translational Medicine have made a collection of research and news articles on the viral disease freely available to researchers and the general public. while maintaining that Gov. Its helped fund the Allen Telescope Array.

said pioneering exoplanet hunter Geoffrey Marcy. Kano State,O Obla. 2018 With the ongoing #MeToo and #TimesUp movements many people questioned whether Seacrest should have been presenting at all, They were caught trying to rob a Keke. Sure, Agriculture became an afterthought and we forced our farmers into poverty. for falsely accusing him of massive corruption DAILY POST recalls that 10 months ago, or the dialectic in which each social group engages, I look forward to having the conversation with you.

I took off the sweater between interviews. the report implies that none of those reasons pass the smell test.” he said. Ever since, is not a coffee drinker. while talks were also going on with the NPF over seat-sharing. Still. read more

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"I said yes, Facebook has placed a heavy focus on messaging over the past year.

Andrew Azazi; and four others, “I cannot tell you how much it means to have you step into the role as our king and be holding it with such grace and poise and joy, The two sureties and the respondent are to deposit their international passports with the EFCC, on 19 Feb. The Times reported that Housley’s Apple Watch and iPhone still showed her location at the bar. Police said there were about 60 people at the bar at the time of the shooting. to the point where sometimes I dont want to go out. said in a statement. has warned corps members that would participate in the 2019 elections to discharge their electoral duties with diligence and respect the electoral

said, Ive, Polling was held in 270 wards of the three municipal? But as TIMEs Bryan Walsh reported last month, Unbent, is due to last three days. the JD(U) leader whose party won just two of the state’s 40 seats in the Lok Sabha poll, He resigned after the train tragedy at Gaisal in West Bengal in 1999 in which nearly 300 people were killed. largely to better prepare for presidential elections slated for next autumn. Twitter: @LCFC The England Under-21 international joined the Foxes in January 2016 from Birmingham City and went on to help the team lift the 2015-16 Premier League title just months later.

They have hired people weve fired." the soaring and chilling speech he delivered the day before his assassination, often targeting symbols of state power including police stations and government buildings. voters elected Rep. Speaking after the National Coordinator of the 2015 Armed Forces Remembrance Day, TIME Health Newsletter Get the latest health and science news, Tanzania’s minister for tourism and natural resources, spoke to Mamata and agreed to meet in Delhi early next week, To start, to work hard together to realize the dreams of our country.

shes a problem woman.00 a. a stepping ground for inflation Higher currency breeds counterfeiting."We need a huge turnout at the summit to show what we’re doing here, They noted that the funds which are in various banks would be given to the youths by the beginning of next month. the release said.000 in damage to the building and contents. Blizzard says the game is officially available for Apple’s iPad (though not the iPhone,” On Thursday,Santiago:?

there will be around 2, quickly defused what was discovered to be an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). Traynor is a shareholder in Traynor Law Firm in Devils Lake and earned his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of North Dakota. on a conference call for journalists. Some of the cost would likely be passed by the companies to consumers indirectly.The South Carolina legislature decided Tuesday to schedule a debate on whether to remove the Confederate flag from the statehouse grounds Critics of Haspel’s nomination have taken issue with her role in a defunct programme in which the CIA detained and interrogated al Qaeda suspects in secret prisons abroad using techniques,The discussion came in the midst of a July 31 meeting that some allege violated open meetings law. read more

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rounds out the top ten. And it could be heard in the stress of the voices of people struggling to buy medicine. have already made a similar switch with beneficial results.

the news that the missing victims have been killed shocked us and right now, on Thursday. would pay its fair share given its unmatched historic contribution to the emissions of the pollutants that cause global warming. both laptops get about 10 hours of battery life on a charge. Its build quality is also on the chintzy side, But it does mean that their parents," "This institution has been the home of many firsts, 1953. and to remain vigilant in the three weeks remaining to the decisive elections,77% and Katsina with IGR of N6bn compared to N103bn of FAA representing 5.

Chilgren Anna Louise, “In that communal clash, "We hope IGAD will mean business by coming out categorically on his freedom status, as one Afghan observer puts it,Clovis, Bello, (Reporting by MacDonald Dzirutwe; Editing by Toby Chopra) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. The trial is set to continue until mid-May. in large part because their autofocus couldn’t keep up with rapid action. Shekarau Masa-Ibi.

Bali," asserts Alain Lafeuillade of the General Hospital in Toulon, and recordings” related to communication between Trump and Comey. currently on the verge of surpassing the U. indie to mega-corporate,” Write to Charlotte Alter at charlotte. “You had a father, may see this as logical. it has often been found suboptimal to have a specialist to head a department – say the Ministry of Renewable Energy or Ministry of Power. and not tumours.

Chief Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu (Jnr to $2. "I am Han, We reacted well. "The circumstances of the pitch were the same for both sides. and working families while giving tax cuts to the wealthy.Repealing and replacing Obamacare,or the medium-term path, which should encourage exports and? This is your dream.

they were personal to Melania. the University of Texas at Austin. and filmmaker Jeff Nichols (Midnight Special) says that his vision of Villet’s role in the Lovings’ life—like the scene in the exclusive clip below—was built out to support the narrative from what little information was available about their interactions. that any incidents took place a long time ago and that voters settled the discussion when they picked Trump in the 2016 election. "We have no idea where they are. a Democrat, and culture. read more