Statement: Department of Energy condemns attacks on foreign nationals

first_imgSouth Africa’s relationships with our sister African countries have allowed us to electrify more than 6-million households since 1994, such as these homes in the township of Vosloorus. (Image: Lebogang Lekwae) The Minister of Energy Tina Joemat-Pettersson and her deputy, Thembisile Majola, join President Jacob Zuma in strongly condemning the current attacks on non-South Africans in parts of our country.• Download the Department of Energy media statement in PDFThe Department of Energy reminds all South Africans that it is imperative that we stand together to build and develop our continent. To achieve this, the department is already working with a number of countries on the continent to improve energy capacity for all Africans.Among these potentially transformative and life-changing projects is the Great Inga Hydropower Scheme in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which, when complete, will produce power for Southern Africa Development Community countries such as South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Malawi, Namibia and Angola over the long term.Sasol, a major South African energy company, currently accesses gas from fields in neighbouring countries, providing energy for South African industries and households, and sustaining thousands of South African jobs.Most of the crude oil used in South Africa is imported from other African countries, such as Nigeria and Angola.More than this, South Africa also has long-standing reciprocal energy-production relationships with our neighbouring countries, from whom we procure both electricity and the water needed to run our power stations.South Africa’s relationships with our sister African countries have allowed us to electrify more than 6-million households since 1994. Today, the government has a programme of action to reduce the backlog of connections and remains committed to connecting all households to an electricity supply.“Our common African history and bonds of fraternity and unity is what gave impetus to the liberation struggles of South Africans,” said Joemat-Pettersson. “We treasure this history, and call on all South Africans to embrace our brothers and sisters and, to condemn attacks on foreign nationals in all its manifestations.”Issued by the Ministry of EnergyFor more information, please contact: Tel: 012 406 7481last_img read more

LinkedIn Is Trying To Ban The World’s Oldest Profession

first_imgLinkedIn just rolled out a number of changes to its privacy policy and user agreement, informing its more than 200 million members through a notice on the professional network’s website.Most of the changes are simplification of the legalese. But one in particular caught our eye. According to LinkedIn, thou shalt not:i. Even if it is legal where you are located, create profiles or provide content that promotes escort services or prostitution.What surprised us was that this was even necessary. On a site where every action you take is tied to your professional identity, would anyone really take the risk of advertising adult services?Apparently, yes. Prostitution, in fact, is a skill for which you can get endorsed on LinkedIn. (Many self-identified experts on the topic work in law enforcement or religious ministries, suggesting that their experience is with catching or counseling offenders rather than offering such services.)Judging by the suggestions LinkedIn’s search algorithm offers, LinkedIn members are actively looking for this kind of professional help. Search on “escorts,” for example, and LinkedIn will prompt you to search instead for the following terms:female escortsindependent escortscall girlshot girlsadult entertainmentescort servicesdubai escortsThis ban is not completely new. LinkedIn previously forbade advertising “unlawful” services. However, prostitution is legal in some European countries and parts of the United States, and escort services fall into a legal gray area in many jurisdictions.The clarification appears necessary, as some LinkedIn members appear to have been skirting the older terms to offer risqué business. For instance, check out this profile, which we’ve redacted just a bit: Tags:#LinkedIn#prostitution A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Audit Related Posts Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… owen thomas Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification Lead image via Flickr user Bruce Tuten, CC 2.0 The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videoslast_img read more

Food Styling Tips for Capturing the Ideal Holiday Meal

first_imgThese pro food styling tips are the secret to cooking up delicious-looking video of the perfect holiday meal. Just remember not to eat the food!Top image via Brooke LarkRocketJump Film School put together a great piece on food styling, specifically for putting together a picture-perfect Thanksgiving dinner. It’s stuffed with tons of great food styling tips and tricks used by the pros. If your goal is capturing the ideal holiday meal on video (perhaps for Instagram glory), then you’re going to eat this up. Jump to the 3:30 mark to see how the food is put together for camera.Food Styling: Tools of the TradeIf you’re looking to create the illusion of the perfect looking dinner, here are some must-have tools to work like a professional food stylist — most of which you likely already own!TweezersT-pinsPaint brushesMakeup brushesSuper glueSmall scissorsPaper towelsSharp knivesOffset spatulaHeat gunCotton balls/TamponsHair sprayCraft a Camera-Ready Perfect TurkeyImage via ShutterstockMost traditional holiday meals start with a nice, big, juicy turkey — or maybe it just looks that way. The on-camera turkey is, in fact, barely cooked.In the above video, the RocketJump team started by using super glue to cover up any imperfections in the skin before gluing the wings into a fixed position. Then, a series of T-pins were placed to pin the skin down to prevent it from moving while in the oven. The turkey was then glazed in vegetable oil and “cooked” in the oven at 350-degrees for approximately thirty minutes.While they turkey was in the oven, they created some browning liquid — a concoction used in a variety of food styling techniques. Here’s there recipe:Make Your Own Browning Liquid 10 parts Angostura Bitters1 part Kitchen Bouquet2-3 drops of yellow food coloring2-3 drops of clear dishwashing liquid soap (to help the mixture stick to the turkey) After thirty minutes, pull the turkey from the oven. Start applying the browning liquid while the turkey is warm, as it will roll off if the bird is too cool. Use paint brushes to apply the browning liquid — each additional coat will make the turkey darker. For a garnished turkey, sprinkle a dry herb mixture and then add another coat of liquid to make it look baked in. Finally, dress your bird with some lettuce, cranberries, and other festive arrangements.Sides DishesNow that you have a main dish ready, you’ll want to have a few à la carte items. For this meal, the team opted for some green beans and mashed potatoes.Styling Green Beans for CameraLook for fresh green beans with a good shape and color. Blanch them in unsalted boiling water in small batches for 1-3 minutes and then immediately shock them in ice water. Place them on a paper towel to dry. Arrange the green beans on a plate with the nicer looking ones up front and on top. To get that nice glistening look, spray the green beans with hair spray. Hair spray is great for all sorts of greens, including garnish, lettuce, and salads.If you want to add some butter on top, opt for a stick of margarine. It’s a stronger yellow and holds its shape longer. Place a square of margarine on top of your sides, then use a heat gun (on a low setting) to slightly melt the square. If you don’t have a heat gun, hold a hot metal spatula above the the margarine. Don’t heat the margarine until you’re ready to shoot.Mashed Potatoes: The Ultimate Food Styling ToolFor a side of mashed potatoes in a dish, the RocketJumpers first filled the dish about 3/4 of the way with clear gelatin. If you have time to make and refrigerate gelatin, this is a great tool. If you don’t have time, you can use styrofoam — similar to they kind used in artificial plant pots.Ironically, actual mashed potatoes are frequently used by food stylists. Whenever you see a large bowl with any type of dish, there’s a good chance the bottom of the bowl is full of mashed potatoes. They are very malleable and easy to work with, plus they don’t really show on camera — unless you want them too.As a side dish, you’ll see them place scoops of mashed potatoes on top of the gelatin. This makes it appear like there’s much more food in the dish. You can also push the mashed potatoes to one side for extra height. The empty space you create will actually come in handy when you need to add in steam. Before that, finish styling your mashed potatoes by adding some salt, pepper, and even a few green onions for color. You can use tweezers to ideally place the large seasonings. You can also add margarine as discussed above.To add steam to a dish, you can use quite a few tools. On the more expensive end, you can use a clothing steamer hidden behind the dish. For a cheaper alternative, place some cotton balls, sponges, or tampons in a bowl of water. Then microwave the bowl for a couple minutes. Pull the cotton balls or tampons out of the bowl and hide them behind your dish — instant steam.If you have plenty of mashed potatoes to work with, they’re also great for a variety of other dishes. With some food coloring, mashed potatoes can stand in for ice cream. They’re also used to add bulk to foods like burritos or injected into meats to make them look plump. Mashed potatoes can also be baked into pies and cakes to give them a strong interior and foundation.Pumpkin PieFinally, you’ll want to capture a slice of something nice — like a piece of pumpkin pie. We previously mentioned that pies can be stuffed with mashed potatoes to help them keep their shape. If you want to add a dollop of whipped cream, you’ll need to keep the topping refrigerated. Of course, even if you do, it will melt quickly under camera lights. For a better option, try a can of shaving cream. In the video, they used Barbasol — which let them make several different toppers before moving the best one to the pie. Finally, apply some soy sauce or Kitchen Bouquet to darken the crust.Ever tried to style food for a photo or video shoot? Share your experiences and tips in the comments below!last_img read more