FIFA says it trusts Russia to ensure safe World Cup despite clashes

first_imgFIFA President Gianni InfantinoMoscow, Russia | AFP | The world football governing body FIFA expressed “complete trust” Friday in Russia’s ability to ensure a safe World Cup despite fan violence in Spain during which a policeman died.The Basque officer suffered a heart attack Thursday as hundreds of security forces clashed with supporters of Russian club Spartak Moscow in Bilbao before the start of a Europa League match.The local security department said the death was not “directly” linked to an injury he received in street battles with scores of Russians wearing black hoodies.He “suddenly felt ill during the serious incidents…Despite being taken quickly to hospital, he suffered cardiac arrest,” the Basque security department said.Police said they had detained nine people — including three Russians and a Pole — whom Moscow’s Sport Express daily identified as right-wing Spartak hooligans and left-wing Basques.FIFA said it “deeply regrets” the incident but did not assign any blame.“As far as security for the 2018 FIFA World Cup is concerned, FIFA has complete trust in the security arrangements and comprehensive security concept developed by the Russian authorities and the Local Organising Committee,” a FIFA spokesperson told AFP. “As demonstrated during the FIFA Confederations Cup last year, Russia’s already high security standards have been adapted to meet the specific needs of such major sporting events.”Russia will be hosting its first World Cup from June 14 to July 15 after securing its rights in a ugly battle with England in 2010 that included unproven bribery allegations.But preparations have been shadowed by fears of a repeat of the June 2016 rampage by Russian hooligans that erupted in the French port city of Marseille during the Euro tournament.The clashes left 35 people injured and shocked the world.Russian President Vladimir Putin only wondered dismissively at the time “how 200 of our fans could beat up several thousand English”.German police Thursday announced the arrest of one Russian hooligan wanted for the “attempted homicide” of an England supporter in the violence.Share on: WhatsApp Pages: 1 2last_img read more

Lunch Break Looks to Expand RB Facilities

first_imgRED BANK – Lunch Break is looking to expand.The soup kitchen and food panty, which has been providing food, clothing and the wherewithal for those in need in Red Bank and the surrounding area for nearly 30 years, is seeking borough approval to expand its facility. The organization is looking to build an addition on adjacent properties because of what its executive director said is an increasing need for its services.“We’ve definitely outgrown the space,” said Gwendolyn Love, “even for what we’re doing now.”Love sat at a table in the 121 Drs. James Parker Blvd. facility during lunchtime on Aug. 30 as volunteers and employees worked and moved briskly, serving lunch to the crowd.As she discussed the need for more space to conduct its various programs, a woman approached the table. Chandelle Morris, who lives on Bank Street, sat down at the table with her tray and its modest lunch, a small piece of cake and fruit juice. Morris said she doesn’t have breakfast or dinner most days, relying on her lunch here as her primary meal. “It’s something I look forward to when I get up in the morning,” she said.She thanked Love for what Lunch Break had to offer and turned and said, “They are saving my life.”Love glanced over with smile and thanked Morris for making her point about the work Lunch Break does and the need for the expansion.“We believe Lunch Break can be an instrument in the community to allow people to make it to the next level,” Love said.In June 2011 Justin and Victoria Gmelich, a Rumson couple, donated to Lunch Break two properties on the boulevard, each with a vacant single-family residential home, according to Love.Lunch Break representatives will appear at the borough Zoning Board of Adjustment on Thursday, Sept. 20, with its application to combine those lots and build an addition to the current site.According to the application on file at the borough’s Planning and Zoning Depart­ment, Lunch Break would demolish the existing homes at 113-115 Drs. James Parker Blvd. and use that 7,320-square-foot tract to expand the current 2,989-square-foot facility and build a 2,091-square-foot addition.The addition’s first floor, Love said, will be used, in part, to house Lunch Break’s clothing distribution program. Currently, it operates the program on Saturdays out of the dining area, where individuals and families can come to select free clothing and small household items they need.If the application is approved, the public will be able to drop off donations and pick up items from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays.Lunch Break could also use the site for its other clothing program, called Suited for Success, where clients can get clothing appropriate for job interviews.Along with those programs, Lunch Break would continue to operate its “Internet café” on site, where clients have access to computers and use the Internet connections, often to help locate work.The remainder of the site would be used for administrative offices, file and supply storage and to provide space for the various social service agencies that regularly appear to assist Lunch Break clients.“The new space will allow us to function more efficiently,“ Love said.The addition will “create a one-stop shopping” site for clients, who often don’t have cars or money for mass transit to visit social services offices, Love said.“Business has been too good,” she acknowledged. The facility has been seeing a growing need for services.“With the economy the way it is, with people looking for help, with new people looking for that help, Lunch Break will help them move to that next level in their life,” Love said. “It’s not a handout, it’s a hand up.” By John Burtonlast_img read more

Kids in Dungloe taking cocaine in broad daylight, Donegal mother claims

first_imgA Donegal mother has taken to social media after she witnessed several youths ‘sniffing lines of cocaine right in front of children’ in Dungloe last weekend. The mother of three, who was in the area for the Mary of Dungloe festival, took her children to the local playground but soon left after she claimed a group of teenagers were snorting cocaine ‘from the picnic table and inside a little kids house inside the park’.Writing on Facebook, she said: “In Dungloe, while visiting there for the Mary from Dungloe festival around 4pm we took our three kids to the funfair which is beside the playground. “After a while at the funfair, we decided to go to the playground where youths around 15/16 of age sniffing lines of cocaine right in front of our children on the picnic table and inside a little kids house inside the park!!“Obviously disgusted, I took my kids and left, just wanted to make other parents aware of this it’s not something u want kids seeing so openly in broad daylight and to be careful in case anything was left behind.”Gardaí in west Donegal have been notified of the incident.Kids in Dungloe taking cocaine in broad daylight, Donegal mother claims was last modified: August 2nd, 2019 by Staff WriterShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 22 | A $70,000 steer and a worthless crop tour song

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Fun and reflection in the 22nd episode of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast, courtesy of AgriGold. Host Joel Penhorwood alongside Ty Higgins, Matt Reese, and Bart Johnson prepare for the Ohio Crop Tour coming up. They talk possible outcome for the fields in the next week. We also get to hear the much anticipated “Kernels on the Cob” parody song from none other than Ty and Matt. The fun piece comes towards the end of the podcast.With county fair season underway, the many wonderful stories and traditions that come with the time of year are evident, as well as the special moments that happen. Athens County Fair recently saw a number of local groups come together to raise over $70,000 in memory of Noah Cox, a young man who passed away before he was able to show at this year’s fair. Ty Higgins spoke with auctioneer Jason Langley on the matter and the community togetherness that honored Cox’s life through the sale.Dale Minyo has been busy at county fairs himself, seeing some of the same people year over year. He spoke with Jon Paulson at the Henry County Fair about ag education at the fair in this fun interview.Matt Reese spoke with Ohio Corn and Wheat’s Tadd Nicholson about a new expansion to the Poet Ethanol facility in Marion.All that and more with the whole crew in the Ohio Ag Net Podcast.last_img read more

Glenn Harsh, April 9

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest We have not done anything in the field other than we got out and soil tested one day. The cover crops are starting to green up again and we can see them out there where they were thin. They are moving in the right direction.The first warm spell they looked like they were coming on and greening up and then it turned cold and everything was brown out there. It looked like they went dormant a second time but now they are coming back.We aren’t really concerned about the weather at this point. If we can get into the fields in April that is a bonus. I know we are not supposed to look at it that way from a yield standpoint, but the way the weather patterns usually work in our area we’re lucky if we can get much done in the last week of April as far as planting anyway.There are some guys around here who have gotten some fieldwork done earlier in the year and they are feeling good about that. They got out in that first drier spell and got things leveled out and other things. We didn’t have those types of things to do so we weren’t out there.We just have to work through the wet conditions we are seeing right now. We have had heavy rains and there is water standing in a lot of places where it hasn’t stood for quite a while. It is going to take a while for it to all get down into the creeks to the Scioto and down the Ohio River. The winds have been strong but nothing has been blown over or anything like that.There is more rain probably coming later this week so we’ll probably be spending some more time in the shop getting planters fine-tuned. We are putting pop-ups on both of our planters this year so that will give me some time to get those things done, squared away and shop tested. Hopefully we have things as ready as we can and we’ll be ready to go for when the weather does break.last_img read more

LinkedIn Is Trying To Ban The World’s Oldest Profession

first_imgLinkedIn just rolled out a number of changes to its privacy policy and user agreement, informing its more than 200 million members through a notice on the professional network’s website.Most of the changes are simplification of the legalese. But one in particular caught our eye. According to LinkedIn, thou shalt not:i. Even if it is legal where you are located, create profiles or provide content that promotes escort services or prostitution.What surprised us was that this was even necessary. On a site where every action you take is tied to your professional identity, would anyone really take the risk of advertising adult services?Apparently, yes. Prostitution, in fact, is a skill for which you can get endorsed on LinkedIn. (Many self-identified experts on the topic work in law enforcement or religious ministries, suggesting that their experience is with catching or counseling offenders rather than offering such services.)Judging by the suggestions LinkedIn’s search algorithm offers, LinkedIn members are actively looking for this kind of professional help. Search on “escorts,” for example, and LinkedIn will prompt you to search instead for the following terms:female escortsindependent escortscall girlshot girlsadult entertainmentescort servicesdubai escortsThis ban is not completely new. LinkedIn previously forbade advertising “unlawful” services. However, prostitution is legal in some European countries and parts of the United States, and escort services fall into a legal gray area in many jurisdictions.The clarification appears necessary, as some LinkedIn members appear to have been skirting the older terms to offer risqué business. For instance, check out this profile, which we’ve redacted just a bit: Tags:#LinkedIn#prostitution A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Audit Related Posts Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… owen thomas Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification Lead image via Flickr user Bruce Tuten, CC 2.0 The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videoslast_img read more

A Cheap Trick for Lighting a Daylight Interior Car Scene

first_imgWant more lighting techniques? Check these out.Free Practical Lighting Techniques for a Cinematic LookThree Quick Tips for Filming in the Midday Sun Without Diffusion ToolsNature’s Lighting: A Guide on Shooting With or Against the SunLighting in a Pinch: Five Tricks Using Your Mobile PhoneProduction Tips for Shooting in Outdoor Lighting Conditions Here are a few techniques to master the subtleties of lighting a car interior in daylight — without breaking your budget.Lighting an interior (stationary) daylight car scene on a no-to-low budget project presents more of a problem than you might initially expect. The car, by design, is going to block direct overhead lighting. And, unlike shooting an interior car scene at night, you can’t flood the car with lights imitating streetlights. Likewise, pointing any form of directional lighting straight into the vehicle is going to be very apparent to the viewer. By all accounts, if you were to direct light straight into a car, a more preferred setup would be to have a Joker — or light similar in power — directed into a diffusion sheet, and light the car with a diffused light source. However, these tools are not very budget-friendly.If you’re shooting without any additional tools, you have two options:1. Expose for the actor and let the bright, sunny background clip . . .2. Bring those highlights back into control, but have the actor drop into unflattering shadows.Instead, let’s take a cue from great cinematographer Darius Khaondji — but budget-friendly, of course. Earlier this year, I received the book Conversations with Darius Khondji. The film Se7en is an all-time favorite, as is Khondji’s photography. So, I was disappointed to discover the section covering Se7en was quite short. I decided to search for more behind-the-scenes material myself and found this photography, which spurred a variety of ideas.Image via American Cinematographer.The Low-Budget MethodI had a short to film inside a stationary car in broad daylight, and the budget was zero. (The short was for one of these annual competitions that seemingly every company is doing each month. R∅DE’s competition has just closed, Aputure’s has just opened, and FilmSupply has just announced their 2019 edit challenge. It’s a great time to make short films!)The idea, based on Se7en‘s behind-the-scenes photo, was to fill the car with ambient bounce. You could always position your car so it’s front-facing the sun, with the sunlight brightly lighting the actor. However, in doing so, the illumination of the actor may be brighter by a stop or two than the exterior background. Therefore, I would suggest positioning the vehicle so the sun enters the windows at an angle. In doing so, you’ll also get shadows from the curves and edges of the car and interior elements, making for a layer of shapes in the vehicle.So, the almighty inexpensive tool we’re going to use? The reflection sheet from Westcott’s Scrim Jim kit.While their scrim kit is primarily for diffusing and bouncing light, most of their packages have a reflective silver sheet for more direct reflection.Take your reflective sheet and place it on the passenger seat of the vehicle, in direct view of the sunlight. Usually, I find the silver side of a reflective sheet to be somewhat overpowering. But, if in the bright conditions, you’ve brought your exposure down to save the background from burning out, it should balance nicely.Immediately, your car should be incandescent with a soft light. It’s not at all noticeable or distracting, but you’ll certainly miss it when you remove the sheet. However, you have to be careful with the placement of the reflection sheet — if it’s crinkled, it may cast unwanted bounce streaks within the vehicle. Depending on the available space and position of the camera, you may also find it beneficial to place a bounce board, or reflector, in the back of the car to bounce light onto the actor’s face. Since the reflective material on the seat illuminates the vehicle as a whole, the bounce board will provide more direct keylight to the side of the talent’s face.Of course, let’s discuss the elephant in the room. In my example, there’s only one actor in the vehicle. So, suddenly, this tip becomes less viable if you need to film two actors in a shot. Likewise, if I’m using a scrim kit, surely it would have been more productive to set up the scrim and actually diffuse the bright sunlight correctly. And, while that would have been my preferred setup, we were filming in a public car park with limited time and space before it became busy.Alternatively, if you wanted an entirely soft light and the windshield isn’t in shot, you could just place a diffusion sheet across the windscreen. Roger Deakins offered this tip on his forum when answering a question about Revolutionary Road.I think I had some diffusion on the front windscreen and that was giving the soft, warm effect. I can’t specifically remember but that is what I imagine I would have done . . . All it is an off white cloth. You could use bed sheets for that matter.You can watch the final result in the video below.last_img read more

Kejriwal holds his first-ever roadshow in Haryana

first_imgAam Aadmi Party national convener Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday held his first-ever road show in Haryana in support of the party’s Faridabad Lok Sabha candidate and State unit chief Naveen Jaihind.In an appeal to the electorate to vote for his candidate, Mr. Kejriwal said that AAP, along with alliance partner Jannayak Janta Party (JJP), was committed to put an end to the rule of criminals and ensure the security and safety of women in the State. Mr. Kejriwal said that corruption had reached its peak in Faridabad and successive governments had plundered the resources of the city. Flanked by JJP leader Dushyant Chautala and Mr. Jaihind, the Delhi Chief Minister addressed the crowd from atop a mini-truck outfitted to look like a “rath”, with flags of the two parties tied to either side.Accompanied by a large motorcade, the seven-hour-long roadshow started at the Delhi-Faridabad border around 3 p.m. The roadshow passed through five Assembly constituencies: Tigaon, Old Faridabad, Badkhal, NIT and Ballabgarh. AAP supporters could be seen standing on the roofs holding party flags, clicking pictures and waving at the senior leaders as the motorcade passed through several localities.Addressing the crowd at several stops, Mr. Kejriwal accused the BJP and the Congress of creating division in society by pitting one caste against another. Donning the trademark AAP cap, Mr. Kejriwal claimed that his party did not discriminate along caste lines and took everyone along. “We are offering opportunities and respect to all,” said Mr. Kejriwal. He said that Faridabad topped Haryana in crime against women and had reported the maximum number of gang-rapes in the State.Mr. Chautala said that sitting Faridabad MP Krishan Pal Gurjar had won the previous election calling the toll tax as discriminatory, but did not keep his promise to remove the toll plaza. He said that toll was charged on all the roads leading to Faridabad, adding that it was not possible to enter the city without paying the toll.Making an appeal to the people to ensure victory for the joint AAP-JJP candidate with record votes, Mr. Chautala said that they had fielded a candidate who was the most educated among all in the fray.Mr. Jaihind said that the law and order situation in the city could not be improved till the time transfers and postings in the police department were carried out at the behest of politicians.AAP Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Gupta said that the BJP remembered the trading community only for donations and votes. He said that demonetisation and the Goods and Services Tax had ruined businessmen. He said that the BJP had back-stabbed the trading community and they should now be prepared to avenge it.last_img read more

De Gea at Man Utd crossroads amid Juve & PSG talk

first_imgAmid all the bickering about the reasons for Manchester United’s struggles of late, there has been one subject on which it appears there is an overwhelming consensus: they would be even worse off were it not for David de Gea.The Spain international continues to stand out as United’s one player of world-class ability, and, while his form may not be quite of the ridiculous standard which has seen him pick up four of the club’s last five Player of the Year awards, he remains the one asset the Old Trafford hierarchy can barely contemplate losing.However, Jose Mourinho’s recent public assessment of De Gea’s ongoing contract talks sparked major concerns in some areas of the United fan base, especially since there have been suggestions that Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain are keeping an eye on developments. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Man Utd ready to spend big on Sancho and Haaland in January Who is Marcus Thuram? Lilian’s son who is top of the Bundesliga with Borussia Monchengladbach Brazil, beware! Messi and Argentina out for revenge after Copa controversy Best player in MLS? Zlatan wasn’t even the best player in LA! “I am not confident but I am also no worried,” Mourinho said to Sky Sports when asked if he was expecting De Gea’s ongoing contract talks to reach a positive resolution. “I can not find the word in English. Let’s just see what happens.”There are only six months remaining on the former Atletico Madrid star’s current deal, and, even though United hold the option to extend the contract by a year until 2020, the failure to agree new terms before next summer is likely to see the club seriously consider cashing in on the No.1 rather than potentially lose him for nothing 12 months later.David de Gea quote Manchester UnitedDe Gea famously came very close to leaving the ‘Theatre of Dreams’ in August 2015, when he was a faulty fax machine away from signing for Real Madrid, but he has continued to speak highly of his life in Manchester and is thought to be keen to extend his stay.United had initially looked set to prepare a deal worth £275,000 ($354,000) a week to keep him at Old Trafford but that projected salary has soared in recent months in light of his continued form and the club’s decision to sign Alexis Sanchez on a Premier League-record contract worth around £390,000 ($502,000) a week.As a result, United now look set to offer De Gea anything up to £375,000 ($483,000) to get his signature on the dotted line. The one sticking point, though, is United’s form.In addressing the speculation surrounding his future, he stated: “You have to be focused on what’s important. What matters is the team and all of us being focused on what we need to focus, on which is winning games, rather than contracts or any topics that can be a distraction.”However, De Gea’s potential renewal is obviously tied to United winning games – something they are not doing a lot of at the moment.With the club sitting in eighth place in the league table, well adrift of the pace-setters, and having already been dumped out of the Carabao Cup, De Gea’s hopes of being a part of a trophy-winning team have been hit by the inconsistencies on show ahead of him.Wojciech Szczesny Gianluigi Buffon JuventusIn 13 games this season, De Gea has now conceded 18 goals, a figure which he hadn’t reached until 25 games into his 2017-18 campaign.It is widely accepted to be a far greater reflection of the time and space being afforded opponents in United’s defensive half of the field rather than any shortcoming of the goalkeeper’s, but it is still something which could potentially have a knock-on effect when it comes to persuading the Spaniard to prolong his stay.However, the 27-year-old’s affection for his life in Manchester weighs in United’s favour, as does the combination of Real Madrid’s summer swoop for Thibaut Courtois and the Spanish press’ unforgiving assessment of his form for the national team. With the Blancos not in the market and De Gea adored and heralded in England like never seen in his homeland, the keeper’s heart is far from anchored in Spain.Juventus and PSG also seem like curious potential suitors, with both outfits seemingly happy with their lot in the goalkeeping department for the time being.Juve have been pleasantly surprised by the form of Wojciech Szczesny since the Pole took the No.1 shirt from Gianluigi Buffon, while the Bianconeri also have the highly-rated Mattia Perin waiting in the wings.Meanwhile, in Paris, there is also a surfeit of quality between the posts, with Buffon and Alphonse Areola currently sharing the duties, and Kevin Trapp also out on loan with Eintracht Frankfurt.As such, everything points to a positive outlook for United as they look to pin down De Gea to a longer-term contract.Naturally, things can change quickly in football but Mourinho perhaps ought to be more confident than he has intimated thus far since the Reds look the most willing and most able to give De Gea what he wants going forward.Present league placing notwithstanding, of course.last_img read more

10 months agoHuddersfield boss Wagner: We score thousands of training goals

first_imgAbout the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your say Huddersfield boss Wagner: We score thousands of training goalsby Freddie Taylor10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveHuddersfield Town boss David Wagner has called on his players to start converting their chances as they look to escape relegation this season.The Terriers have scored just four goals in their last six matches ahead of their bottom of the table clash with Fulham on Saturday.Wagner said: “In training it’s not about a lack of effort or attitude. In training they hit the back of the net thousands of times.”But in games it hasn’t clicked so far. This is the truth, but I think it is all about seeing the chance and taking the opportunity that is in front of you.”Recent results have affected our performances. In other games performances were on a very good level.”We defended well and created unbelievable opportunities but we didn’t score and this is the truth.”This is where we have to improve – we have to take steps to convert our chances, our performances and our ball possession.” last_img read more